north 024

These girls could not be more alike if they were identical twins. When they see each other you would never guess any time had passed. Every other weekend I either gain a daughter or loose one. If they aren’t here they are there.

This picture was taken yesterday. We were on a rhino ride. I was in a 5 point harness in the front seat and couldn’t turn around to get a picture no matter how hard I tried. I decided to try to take one, a la self portrait, this was my first and only attempt. Not too shabby for not being able to see at all and going down a bumpy forest road at 30 miles an hour. 


HS 003

As promised, pictures of the first day of high school. To say it was a bit rough (for the both of us) would be an understatement. I cried on and off all day just thinking about my baby being big. She is having a hard time adjusting to it all and it breaks my heart.

Noodle is just a small fish in a great big ocean and is learning to swim all over again. It will get better.

I must thank Mama B for talking me off my cliff several times yesterday. She reassured me that Noodle will be fine and we made decision that we thought would be best for Noodle.

And whoever you are Rose, thank you for asking my girl to sit with you at lunch.

Please cross your fingers that my girl comes out of her shell and makes friends soon, it would make her feel so much better and help her mama’s broken heart and puffy eyes.


 HS 004


P.S. Vixen , I wanted to take pictures on the porch but she would only agree to the backyard. I took what I could get. 

A New Chapter

Tomorrow my sweet girl Noodle starts high school. HIGH SCHOOL! She is taking it all in stride (and much better than I am) about going to a new school and not knowing more than 2 people.


I cried everyday that I dropped her off for a freshman camp that they had. Friday they had an orientation day. The minute she walked out the door I ran up the stairs at lightening speed, to watch her walk all the way to the corner to catch the bus, from her bedroom window. I drove by the bus stop THREE  times on my way to work. Yes, I said 3 times. From our house to the corner is about 100 yards. This is going to be way harder on me than it is on her.


My heart is pounding out of my chest just thinking about it. 


Even if its not cool to stand on the porch and let your mom take your picture once you are in high school I am sure there will be some. Its either the porch or I ride the bus with her.