Here’s Your Sign

Hub’s great grandma passed away this morning. Even though it was expected it still hurts. Once again I am amazed at those who when they heard the news (those near and far) immediately offered assistance in several ways. I guess I am equally amazed at those who didn’t. The same ones who would expect it and receive it from us if they were in our shoes. I’m tired of it. Friendship should be a two way street. I obviously made a wrong turn somewhere.

Not My Favorite Way To Start A Sunday

Someone wanted to get up and going hiking this morning. Someone else agreed to go. The someone who agreed to go thought the other someone meant hiking the trail at the mountain less than a mile from our front door. Not the case. The someone who wanted to go wanted to drive 45 minutes across town to hike at a different mountain. Which meant the someone who really didn’t want to go in the first place had to get up even earlier than if we had gone to our very own mountain.


peak 002 This is the someone who really didn’t want to go.We were  about halfway up.



peak 003This is the someone who did.


peak 005 This is us at the top. See? One of us is definitely happier than the other one to be there. This was about 7:15 A freaking M on a Sunday morning.


peak 004 Someone forgot to take a picture of the “view” from the top so you get to see what I saw. Lots of rocks and cactus.

peak 006

If you really want the full effect stick your head in the oven while reading this. It will be just like you were there with us someone.

There’s Something About Mary

May Crowning is my favorite “church day” of the year.  Here is a brief description.  There are always 3 things I say to Noodle when we are not going to be together 1) I love you 2) Make Good Choices 3) Be Good to your Mother.  She usually finishes saying them before I can. 1 and 2 are  pretty easy to figure out. 3 sounds like I like myself a little more than I should.  Its not that. The Mother I refer to is Mary.  We believe that not only is Mary the mother of God, but in turn the Mother to all of us. And if you are good to Mary, you are in turn being good to God. 


May Crowning 005


The 8th graders get all dressed up and one girl is chosen to crown Mary.



May Crowning 003


May Crowning 012 They process in and bring flowers to adorn the alter. Prayers are said and songs are sung. It gives me goose bumps now just thinking about it.


Its proof that our babies are turning into lovely young ladies and perfect gentlemen.


May Crowning 072  Its the realization that no matter how hard you try to keep them little they go and grow up any way.


Of course I cried. Some were sad tears that it was almost over and some were happy tears that it was almost over.  A double edged sword.

May Crowning 090 A sword that I would gladly swallow whole if I had to get to see this smile.

Noodle – I love you, always make good choices, and be good to your Mother. Remember these 3 things and you will go far.