Day 2

* All photo credits go to Susan. Who knew our visit included a CD packed with photos. (I did take some of mine own but shhh! I still haven’t unpacked suitcases and the card is somewhere in one of them).



If I remember correctly Day 2 started off rather slowly with a continental  breakfast of yummy bagels and cinnamon rolls.


The boys took off to drop Fab-O off at the baby sitters and then continued on for the race.


Susan and I headed off for a gourmet lunch of Chic-Fil-A, where I made fun of a lady in a Halloween sweater  vest a little too loudly. But in all fairness, Susan picked a horrible time to show me how the windows in the van rolled down rather than popped out.


After lunch we worked our way into Charlotte and check into our hotel room. (Yeah for responsible drinking!).  Once we put the pizza rolls in the freezer (you never know when you are going to need a late night snack) and made a few drinks and waited for some of Susan’s peeps to show up.  Jenny followed us from lunch and Shannon came to the hotel to hook up with us.  We had the shuttle driver take us to dinner.  Another Shannon met us there.


NC 2009 007

After a yummy dinner and a delish margarita we were off to party like rock stars. Our destination? Howl at the Moon.

We got there early and ended up with great seats.  Once we had a table it was time for drinks.


NC 2009 009 Buckets were way cheaper than beer or mixed drinks so we did our best to polish a few of them off.

NC 2009 022 In case you are wondering…. its an Adios Mo-Fo. Its Vodka, Gin, Rum, Blue Curacao and Sweat and Sour.

NC 2009 015 We also threw a shot in for good measure. Had the waitress come around more often there would have been several more consumed. Shots are my very, very, very, very favorite thing. What can I say? My German / Irish Catholic heritage brings it out in me.

Once things got hopping we NC 2009 013 counted even numbers for free drinks.

  We sang alongNC 2009 020 to some great songs.


NC 2009 019 We had a pinky promise about something that I am sure was very important. (My head was a little bit fuzzy by then).


Even when we are having fun we must remember that their are people fighting for our freedom and that not a minute goes by that we aren’t thankful for all that they do NC 2009 016  We ❤ our soldier boys! XOXO. (Jenny’s, who sadly ended up going home early not feeling well, husband is currently serving our country and Susan’s husband Will is in the reserves and was deployed a few years ago). 

NC 2009 018 Someone tried to out do us…


NC 2009 030 But it just wasn’t going to happen. HOORAH!


The Shannon’s had to get home (they stayed a long time) and Susan and I hung out a little longer making new friends along the way.


Do you know who this is? (You cant really see his braids in the pictures but they were there!).

NC 2009 033   NC 2009 034 Us either but he sure looked like Coolio to us.

Susan: Has anyone ever told you that you look like Coolio?

Him : All the time.

Susan: Let me ask you again, has anyone ever told you that you look like Coolio?


It wasn’t long after that the buckets started to kick my ass we decided we had better call it a night. 

We wandered around looking for the elevator to get us down where the taxi’s were. 

$6.00 later (and talking to several random strangers) we were back at our room.

It was the most fun I have had in a really long time.


NC 2009 017 Thanks girls, I wish we could do it again sometime.

Day 1 North Carolina.

When we last left ye old blog we were on our way to see them. 

It is almost hard to blog about our trip because we had so much fun and it makes me sad that they live so far away and we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we would like to.

In all honesty, they were incredible host. They feed us, they housed us, they played chauffeur, and they shared their kick ass kiddo with us.

A kiddo who loved, loved, loved “Miss” Hubs. It melted my heart a thousand times over watching them together.

Don’t believe me you say?


NC 2009 093 

NC 2009 039

NC 2009 129 

NC 2009 174


They were members of the mutual admiration society and  were nice enough to allow me to be in a few pictures with them 🙂

The ones of just Hubs and I alone are only because she was buckled into her car seat.



NC 2009 142  NC 2009 148 NC 2009 150

As you have most likely figured out these were all taken at various race shops. There were also race cars. Lots and lots of race cars. NC 2009 056 NC 2009 063 NC 2009 064 NC 2009 141

I think you get the idea…


There were also a few pictures in front of race cars

NC 2009 053 NC 2009 111 NC 2009 117 NC 2009 122

NC 2009 121 Have I mentioned that I love her so?


Day one wrapped up with a quick bite to eat on the way home and an early bed time. (3 hour time difference = 7:30 6:30 bedtime, and we crashed immediately)

Day 2 to follow

Cluster Fawk

Yesterday morning I tried calling the doctor to get Noodle in. (She has been sick for two weeks and to the doctor already once and Urgent Care already once) I called at exactly 8:00 a.m. when they opened. They told me they could see her Thursday afternoon. WTF?

I flat out told the receptionist on the phone “Screw it, I will take her to Urgent Care”, and hung up on her. 

Yesterday was the one day that I to take her. (The other person working doesn’t even know how to turn the lights on and off let alone set the alarm etc.). I called my mom and she agreed to pick her up after school and take her for me.  It was going to be a 4 hour wait at the one they were at. BUT! If they wanted to go to one up the road there was no one at that one.

Off they went. When they arrived the person working asked Noodle for her i.d. again WTF? Since when to 13 year olds hav picture i.d.’s? So my mom gave them hers and of course (duh!) they have different last names and they told her sorry but without mine or Hubs permission, my mom couldn’t “seek treatment” for her.  So she called me and said I needed to fax them something. Well, I don’t have a fax machine and with it being a Federal holiday yesterday the bank next door (who’s fax we use) was closed.  I tried every number I had for Hubs to see if he could fax the note.  It took me 20 mins. to get ahold of him.

During this time, 3 or 4 more people have shown up at this UC and pushed them farther back down the line again.

After 30 more mins of waiting they get her in a room.

During this time frame my phone dies and Hubs heads over to relieve my mom.

The last text I got was “Doing chest x-ray, then we wait”.

(I am lost without my phone. I don’t have to be using it, but the idea of not being able to, especially while waiting to her about my girl, was just about more than I could take).

Once I got home I sent several frantic text to Hubs to let me know what the heck was going on.

I called the neighbor almost in tears because OMG a chest x-ray and I wasn’t there and… and … and …. (the list was long a rambling and nothing important, like there were dishes in my and sink and one of the neighbors Boo’d us and now I had to do it back and when was I going to have time for that?).

Thankfully, a few minutes later in the door they came.  The doctor is claiming it is still bronchitis (which is a condition NOT an illness like strep or something) now with a bacterial infection.  There are also a few other (minor) things that they found that we will follow up with our regular doctor (I will not freak out, I will not freak out, I will not freak out).

All of this scored her some more (different and expensive of course) drugs. One is a steroid that I don’t care for the idea of her having to be weaned off of after so many days. I guess if it makes her feel better though we will try it.

So speaking of drugs someone (ME!) had to go back to the pharmacy and pick them up.

One would think it would not be a big deal. HA! I get to the drug store, and wait my turn in the drive thru patiently (It is now about 8:30).  The person working the window asks Noodle’s name no less than 16 times and finds one (of two) prescriptions. She tells me I need a pharmacist consult on it. I wait and wait and wait some more. (8:42).  I get the run down. I pay. I get my bag. I notice there is only one prescription in the bag. I ring the call button again.  I explain Hubs dropped off TWO.  She looks at her computer. Oh yeah, they don’t have it. It will be ready tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.  Not gonna work for me.  I ask if any other drug store has it. Yes, the one up the street. Ok… can you send it there and I will go pick it up? Fine. She calls and calls and calls. No answer.  I ask her to call one more time. They answer and indeed have the liquid gold that my girl needs. (8:56). What time do they close?



I begged her to beg them to stay for just a few more minutes. I was on my way. She was not at all happy.

I drove like speed racer to the second drug store (when I asked the rocket scientist where it was at she told me “on the corner”. Thanks, it’s an intersection there will be 4 of them), I got there at 8:59:48. It was super close.

The person working at that drug store was overly friendly. Rocket scientist had him fill both scrips and I had to explain to him that I already had the one only needed the other. (If it had been something good and less than a kidney I may have not said anything)  I came home with a bag full of plastic spoons and coupons for all kinds of stuff we will never buy, but I think he was trying to be nice. 

The icing on the cake? When I got home and Noodle opened the bag the first prescription had a crack in the plastic bottle and leaked all over.

 That is when I ate half the bag of the chocolate that the neighbor who “Boo’d” us left and wished then and there I knew who they were so I could kiss them on the lips.


Yesterday a friend was out running errands and came home and found her husband had passed away.

She has a heart of gold and I am heartbroken for her and her family.

This caused me to toss and turn all night long last night.

I just can’t imagine what they are going through.

It saddens me to know that the funeral will be at Noodle’s old school church.  I can not go back there.  At least not in this situation.

Mama  B and I talked about it for a long time last night and decided we would go to the viewing / rosary but not the funeral.

I know if we did show up at the church it would cause such a buzz that it would completely take away from the purpose of the day. 

This is one of those things that makes you want to scream at all the people who have caused havoc in our lives for so many months now “Don’t you see how short life can be? Enjoy what you have rather than trying to make everyone else miserable”.

Please keep this family in your thoughts. They are some good peeps.


Noodle has been “sick” for two weeks now. She missed almost a week of school and still has a cough that will make your chest hurt listening to her. Her initial diagnoses was bronchitis. I am afraid it has turned into something worse.  Hubs and I are leaving at the ass crack of dawn Thursday morning for a much anticipated weekend of fun with friends  I don’t feel bad leaving her behind I feel terrible leaving her if she doesn’t feel better. I called the doctor at exactly 8:00 this morning when the office opened and they can’t get her in until Thursday afternoon, so Grandma will pick her up after school and take her to urgent care they have way better doctors that our what our primary care is anyway


In May they came to see us.  Thursday morning we are leaving  to catch our flight to blaze a trail around their stompin’ grounds.  If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would meet one of my besties on this crazy thing they call the internet I never would have believed you. Today, I can’t tell you how happy I am our paths crossed and that we are lucky enough to hang out with them again!  Is it Thursday yet???  We have never been to the east coast for longer than a lay over and even Hubs is starting to get giddy about it.


I doubt that I will post again before we go.  But I promise pictures, lots and lots of pictures when we get back.