Goodbye Gert..

myrtle nov 09 024


myrtle ouchmyrtle 2

Had you told me when we first got her that I would become so attached to something that wasn’t warm and fuzzy I would never had believed you.

In December, Myrtle had an unfortunate accident (that is why she is all wrapped up in the green bandage). We all thought she was doing better.

Yesterday, Myrtle went to turtle heaven.

I cried.

Today, I went to the grocery store and the cashier asked me how Myrtle was. (She always has to look up the produce code when I buy cactus pads).

I think I made her cry.

My poor Myrtle Gertrude….

2 comments on “Goodbye Gert..

  1. sb says:

    Oh noooooooo 😦 That is bad sad news 😦

  2. Vixen says:

    OMG NOOOOOOO. xoxoxo

    Shall we have a turtle memorial service in April?

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