Movin’ On Up

This page will probably be of no interest to anyone. I decided to keep track of dates for the new  house here just so they don’t get lost in the big pile of mush in my head.

May 7th – Out to sales office with realtor. Noticed they opened up new lots.

May8th – Money down on lot!

May 13th- Picked first set of upgrades (structure). Given an estimated move in date of December 8th. Lets see how close we get.

May 20th- Offer on our current house

June 28th – Possible closing date

June 28th – Closed on House

July 1st- Lot “mapped” out with spray paint

July 2nd – They are digging!!

July 2nd- Told close date would be November 23rd (Hoping for way sooner than that!)

July 19th – Slab poured

August 6th- Working on second story framing and roof trusses.

August 7th- Noticed they forgot to frame in one of the windows. Uugh. Hope this doesn’t set us back.

August 21st- Duct work complete, 90% electrical complete, and bath tubs, WE HAVE BATH TUBS!

August 25th – Phone call from A.  (Call again any time!!)

August 29th – Friend walked through and pointed out all the things to hubs that need to be fixed before they start drywalling next week. NEXT WEEK!!

Sept 14th- Walk through with superindentent.  It sucked. They are 2 weeks behind at this point.  Not what I wanted to hear. They should do insulation this week and start drywalling and stucco next week.

Sept. 25th – They are drywalling fools!! No more walking through the walls.

Sept.26th – This is going to sound SO SO silly. We went out today and we had numbers on the front of our house. It made it so real to me. I haven’t been this excited about house stuff in a long time.

Oct. 3rd – We sign papers on the 27 of November and get the keys November 30th!!

Oct.10th – Garage doors and garage door opener are up. Doors delivered.

Oct.14th – They have hung all the door and put shelves in all of the closets and pantry. Crown molding and base boards installed.

Oct. 17th – They have been busy!! Started tile. Banister / railing in. Cabinets in garage.

Oct.18th – Cabinets hung!! Tile finished downstairs. Still working on upstairs tile / shower tile.

Oct. 21st – Noticed cabinets in laundry room to low.

Oct. 24th – Talked to super – Trying to decide how to fix laundry room issue. Lower the ceiling or raise the cabinets. Who knows.

Oct.24th- Nov. 30th – Finished everything else. (I was a slacker and very disappointed with our living situation at the time, and just didn’t want to think about any of it).

Nov.27th – Signed our lives away!

Nov.30th- Loan funded at 10:18. We had the keys in our hands less than an hour later.

Jan. 19th- One last update (because Vixen called me on it). We are happily adjusting to our new digs. 99% of the boxes are unpacked and put away. We have our stuff. We are together. We are happy.

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  1. vixensden says:

    Whoops…..guess this page is outdated, LOL.

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