365 Days.

I can’t believe it. Today it has been a year since we were handed the keys to our house.  I am not sure what we were really feeling that day. We had moved 4 times in less than 6 months, and really had nothing of our own. Everything we owned, other than some clothes and the dogs went into storage.  We were tired of it all and had been doubting our decisions for months.  It was a huge step forward for us and it was finally here. 

As shallow as it may sound, absence does make the heart grow fonder even if it is just stuff.

It rained for 2 days straight and we had mud everywhere.

We slept on air mattresses for the first week.  I We wanted Hubs us to paint the downstairs and bathrooms before we moved any furniture in. 

We had no appliances for about 3 weeks. We used a mini fridge that held a half of gallon of milk and a couple of cans of soda.

You know what though? It felt like home right away. Maybe it was because we really hadn’t had a place to call home for the previous 6 months, but all of us, the dogs included, this just felt right.

When we moved in our house was the only one that was finished on the street. Others started moving in about 2 months later, and now there are only a few empty lots / houses on our street.  If we didn’t have the pictures to prove it, I am not sure I would really believe it to tell you the truth.

We have settled in and still pinch ourselves sometimes when we stop and think that this is really ours. Home really is where your heart is.

When Being A Pack Rat Pays Off

Last weekend Hubs started putting up the outside Christmas lights. He called me at work all pissed off because he couldn’t find the big colored lights he wanted to use.  As you may or may not remember, this time last year (the 30th will be a year!) we were moving out of the Fall home and 3 storage units to move into the new house. We were lucky to get the tree up (thankfully it is pre-lit, and Noodle made 2 ornaments at school so that was the extent of our decorating last year) let alone anything else.

There were only 2 places that the lights could have been (if they didn’t get lost in the move) in the garage or in the upstairs extra bedroom with the inside decorations. He could not find them “ANYWHERE”. Noodle sent me a text telling me “Daddy was in a crabby mood cause he couldn’t find the lights”.

I told Hubs I would help him look for them as soon as I got home. Of course they were in the first tote that I looked in. I did have to move 2 little ziplock size bags to see them, but crisis averted the lights were found.

As some of you know, the past couple of weeks have been CRAZEE for me.I have had a hard time finding anything to be thankful for.  Looking for those lights was the last thing I wanted to do so imagine my surprise when I opened the next tote and found these:



blog 013


blog 014


blog 015


Noodle projects! My favorite things! I know that the turkey was made when she was in 3rd grade, I think the tree must have been 2nd grade.  Freinds (friends) and Narbros (neighbors!) Who wouldn’t have their frowns turned upside down by these. All of a sudden the ability to be thankful came creeping back.

Today these are a few of the things I am thankful for:


  • I am thankful that my parents are still healthy and have the ability to travel at Thanksgiving time. Some of this is also for a selfish reason, it is so very hard to please both sides of our family at the holiday. It does also make me a wee bit sad that we don’t get to spend the day with them.
  • I am thankful that we are going out to dinner so there will be no cooking or cleaning on my part. A relaxing day is just what the doctor ordered. I have a pumpkin pie candle burning in hopes that it makes the house smell somewhat like like Thanksgiving.
  • As crazy as they make me, I am extremely thankful for my family. Growing up a military brat we were did not see our extended family nearly as much as the rest of them saw each other. I would give my left arm to be in Podunk right now, but it is what it is.
  • For my bloggy peps. I never would have imagined I meet such great people on the computer.
  • For pecan pie. Enough said about that.
  • And of course for my freinds and narbors!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tis The Season

Has it really been a year already? So sorry to tease you with something you know you want but that you can’t have.

Actually this year, my loyal followers will be providing the turkey’s themselves so I am thankful we are at least a step above turkey roll.  Still its a whole lot of turkey that I really have no desire to plaster a fake smile on and act like I am looking forward to plopping on people’s plates.

Man Overboard

Have you ever been on a sinking ship, knowing that is sinking, knowing that you should jump off, but there you stand on the deck with a life raft and life jackets within reach and can’t make yourself use one of them?

The ship has sailed along smoothly for so long, and without warning the ship seems to  have hit an iceburg so to speak.

I can not sleep, my stomach is in knots. I want off but I am scared I will drowned if I jump.

I Wasn’t Born Yesterday and Neither Were You

Yesterday a man came into the shop trying to sell somethings. One of the things was a baby rattle. I picked it up off the counter to look at it.

Man: That was mine.

Me: Can I ask how old you are?


Me: And the rattle was yours when you were little?

Man: Yes it was

Me: Then why does it say “2003” on it?  ( I try very hard to be polite, but don’t try to pull one over on me)

Man: It does?

Me: Yes, it does.

Man: Must have been my kids then.  (My kiddo is older than that, by a long shot, and although it is entirely possible you have a 5 year old, you really should get your stories straight).

People on a regular basis try to convince us that whatever it is that they have belonged to a 97 year old grandma etc. That may very well be true that it was your 97 year old granny’s BUT that does not make it old. She could have bought it at any time in her life. My other favorites are when they throw in a few extra “greats” when it belonged to someone. It was my great great grandma’s! (Just so you know on average a generation is 20 years). 

We get this kind of thing all the time.  I understand that not everyone can know everything, but I am not sure how much obvious that one could have been for you.

Not Quite A Rocket Scientist If You Ask Me (And Apparently You Should)

We live in a somewhat, for lack of a better word, rural area.  To the south of us are huge horse properties that for the most part sit on several acres.  My best guess is that this year was the first year in a very long time that the kids from that neighborhood had the opportunity to Trick or Treat in somewhat of a consolidated area (unless their parents took them someplace else).

My neighbor and I were sitting on her driveway handing out candy when a huge front loader / back hoe tractor came rolling down the street. It was pulling a flat bed trailer that was set up to be like a hay ride. The trailer had about 20 drunk adults sitting on it.  They were having a great time. While the idiots adults rode on the back the kids rode in the FRONT LOADER.

As an Iowa farm girl – This just screams  “Accident Waiting To Happen” to me.  We were taught from the time we were knee high to a grass hopper that farm equipment is dangerous. 4 of my grandpa’s 7 brothers were missing at least some amount of a finger on at least one hand. A distant cousin was killed when he was 12 by a tractor in a fluke accident. I hate to say it, but it is a hazard of their occupations. They know they have to be cautious. I can guarantee you with almost 100% certainty that not one of us would have EVER been allowed near the front (you just can’t see well enough when you are driving the tractor) let alone been allowed to climb on it.   ESPECIALLY WHILE IT WAS RUNNING!

Not only was it DARK outside, they were drinking! Now, I can not say if the driver was or not but it sure seemed all his other passengers were so you know parental supervision was not at its finest.

I sat there will my mouth hanging open in disbelief.  I wanted to say something but I just couldn’t find the words.

It was one of those things where I just could not believe my eyes. But had I not been drinking myself so dumbfounded I would have realized we both had our cameras on our laps the entire time and I could have taken pictures to show y’all how they Trick or Treat Way Out West.

Change Is Good!

I am thrilled  with the outcome of the election, really I am. But did you watch John McCain’s speak? I would be a great big fat liar if I said I didn’t get a little bit teary eyed over it. 

I  just can’t but feel for the hometown guy sometimes.

Pumpkin Pictures

We foolishly carved our pumpkins the weekend before Halloween. Because it was 95 freaking degrees here last week the pumpkins meet their demise long before the ghosts and goblins were out tricking and treating. 


Noodle was showing her Podunk Pride so pictures are limited to those where you can’t read her shirt. Sorry about that.


pumpkins 08 003  pumpkins 08 012  pumpkins 08 015


pumpkins 08 020  pumpkins 08 035  pumpkins 08 036


pumpkins 08 050  pumpkins 08 053  pumpkins 08 081

pumpkins 08 089