For Now, Bullets.

We made it home. It was a long trip in a very short time. There are stories to tell and pictures to share.  Until then….

  • My idea of a clean restroom and the idea of those who plaster “Clean Restrooms” all over their interstate signs, are very different.
  • My mother is a fabulous backseat (and passenger seat) driver.
  • Stupid, stupid daylight (or lack there of) savings time. We do not participate in such a silly clock ritual as the rest of y’all and we forgot to figure that into our travel time. 
  • When I told the manager of Olive Garden that I would never be back to his restaurant, I meant it.
  • They say home is where your heart is, but right now I feel like I left mine in Colorado.
  • My dad snores really loud, no matter how many pillows you throw across the hotel room at him.
  • It really is a small world, the priest who gave the homily at my uncle’s funeral was a roundabout relative. His sister married my mom’s first cousin, who’s dad was my uncle’s brother (making him my uncle but I didn’t want to confuse you :). Gotta love how Midwesterners describe how they know someone or even better where someone lives.
  • 3 days without Tivo and internet have left me way behind.
  • I still can’t stop crying.

My Next Post Might Be From The Funny Farm

Tonight for the first time in probably close to 15 years I will be spending the night at my parents house. My brother will be there as well, I imagine it has been closer to 16 or 17 years since the 4 of us have all slept under the same roof at the same time.

Tomorrow morning at the ass crack of dawn, my parents and I will subject ourselves to each others company for the next 3 days in extremely close quarters to attend my uncle’s funeral.

3 of my moms sisters are coming to the funeral as well.

Me: Is Grandma coming to the funeral?

Mom: I don’t think so, she is worried it would be too much for her. I talked to sistersname and she said it was probably for the best. Sistersname couldn’t imagine a 10 hour car ride with Mom (grandma) would be much fun anyway.

Mar: Ya think?

Yes, we are driving and it will be close to 10 hours each way for us as well. If don’t hear from me again, it is because one of us jumped out of the car window to save ourselves from the misery.

Time To Call Cesar

A couple of weeks ago we noticed our neighbors had a plastic tote filled with water on the end of their driveway with a big note on the front of it.  The note said something to the effect of ” This water was in our downstairs pantry and it leaked from the upstairs bathroom. We were not home. Homebuilder says we were malicious. Homebuilder refusing to fix. We should have bought from Different Homebuilder and spent how ever much less $$”.

I guess I should say, that we have only really talked to these people a few (2 or 3 times) times  in the 8 months they have lived there.

We kinda scratched our heads and wondered what happened. Homebuilder has been pretty good about working with us when we have needed them.

Well last night Noodle and I were heading around the corner to talk to our friends and the superintendent of our housing development was driving by. (We seem to get along pretty well with him). He stopped and waved me over. He wanted to know what the deal was with our neighbors. I told him we didn’t really talk to them much. Turns out one of their dogs chewed through the toilet line (?) and caused the problems. He said the house was absolutely trashed, and the dogs have chewed drywall, doors, baseboards etc.  He went on to tell me that just the damage from the water leak was $50,000. Yes, that says FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Now, I love my dogs something fierce, but FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS?  That seems to be on top of all the other chewing that they seem to have done.  I think a $100 investment on a kennel would be a wise investment at this point.

The End Of A Line

My mom just called. My great uncle, my grandpa’s youngest brother and last surviving sibling had a heart attack and passed away this morning.

I remembering going to visit him when I was little.  He was the spitting image of my grandpa. We were at the grocery store and I called him grandpa in front of a group of friends he stopped to talk to.  He was a catholic priest. We were all a little red in the face.

He loved to tell the story (it must have been the same visit) that one time he was holding morning Mass in his house (I think the church must have been still been being built) and me going upstairs and telling my dad not to come downstairs in his underwear because they were having church.   I have no idea where I came up with that one.

When my grandpa died, my uncle came home to say the funeral Mass. While he was in town (Podunk = 500 people ) he used my grandpa’s truck. One little old lady drove off the road thinking she saw a ghost! When I say spitting image I couldn’t mean it more if they were identical twins.

I can’t quite wrap my head or my heart around it all right now. In his eyes, we were all his children. He lived a life devoted to God. The  peace I have right now is knowing all his aches and pains are no more and he and my grandpa are together again.

stuff 007  So I am a hair care product whore. I admit it.  In my defense, the Bed Head in the pink bottles? Buy 2 get 2 free. One will last me about 4 or 5 months so it will last quite awhile, and I can not pass up a good deal.  The shampoo and conditioner was also on sale. This is what is left from when they had liters for 9.99 in July.  This should hopefully last me until it goes on sale again.


stuff 005 Thing 2. She has been so out of sorts lately and we can’t figure out why. She has always been very much a Mama’s girl but lately she wants nothing to do with me and has been following the Hubs around. I admit it is nice being able to go the bathroom without her either having to be in the bathroom with me or laying just right so she can see my feet under the door to make sure I am still really in the bathroom and didn’t sneak by her. 


stuff 006 My first flower that I grew all by myself in our backyard. It lasted long enough for me to bend down and take a picture and the dogs to come over see what I was doing, and hit the flower with their tails. Sorry flower. It looks like more will be blooming soon though. One day soon it is going to look like a real backyard and then I don’t know how we will spend our time or our money. Home Depot just may have to file bankruptcy.


stuff 004 This is Doughy. (What she calls herself). Her and I will be spending the day together tomorrow.  She loves Noodle and will spend the day asking me where she is at. Maybe we can sneak a trip to the park in before it gets too hot to go down the slides dides.

Off To A Great Start

Hubs works at a car dealership. People who have locked their keys in their vehicles call all the time wanting him to cut them a new key. He always tells them he would be happy to as long as they can provide proof of ownership.  They don’t usually understand that dealerships do this for a reason. Its so no one else can steal your car.  I can walk down the street and provide you with a vin number and make, model and color on any car I see.

Anyway. Guess who locked their keys in their truck this morning? If you guessed “Mar”, you are the big winner. Fortunately, I keep an extra truck key at the shop for this very reason (This is the first time in 8 years that I have locked my keys in the truck though thankyouverymuch) which meant when I sent Hubs a text asking him to cut me a key and he called back and asked me if I was joking, I was able to tell him “Kinda Sorta”.

The unfortunate part of it was not only did I lock the truck keys in the truck, I also locked the keys to the shop in the truck as they would all be on the same key ring. 

It all worked out in the end and I didn’t stress out about it at ALL, which is huge for me. The extra key is tucked back into the “key box” for the next time.

The best part was I didn’t have to have Hubs cut me a key because I had no way to  prove to him who I was :).