We still haven’t heard from Noodle. I know it is because she is having a great time and just hasn’t slowed down enough to take the time to call us. It has only been 3 days and there are still some cousins around that are going home today and tomorrow.

I am not going to call her first. I want her to be independant and make her own choices, I just want her to still need her mama! 

I think I will call mu aunt today while she is at work just to check in on Noodle. Noodle will be none the wiser and I will feel a little better.

15 days until I see the little turkey again. I miss her more than I thought I would. Maybe I will stop by her BFF’s  house and just get a few hugs, that should hold me over for a few days.

Down In The Dumps

I talked to our realtor a little bit ago. The buyers had an inspection of the house done last week and now want a $3,000 credit at closing. The only thing they “found” was that we don’t have an anti tip device on our stove. We disclosed that we had a small leak 5 years ago. The roof didn’t leak, it was a vent on the roof that water ran into causing it to well leak for lack of a better word. Their realtor is being a real pain in my ass  trying to protect her clients, I understand this, BUT! We have never had a problem and we are the ones who told them about the “leak” in the first place. We are also providing a home warranty so I am not sure what the issue really is.

I (literally) told our realtor to tell them to kiss my ass, we weren’t giving them anything else. He said that he felt the same way and she was just trying to look like the hero as 3,000 is the amount we counter offered with and is a way to “look good” to her clients. I am hoping with all my might that they don’t back out of the deal.  I have already eaten an entire bag   several double stuff oreos trying to make myself feel better. I am sure sleep won’t come easy tonight as now I have one more thing to put on my plate and worry about. 

Whatever will be will be, I just wish I knew what it was.

Home Sweet Home

A weekend recap in bullets because we are oh so tired at our house

  • I picked Noodle up from school and we rushed home to throw clothes in our suitcases and were off to the airport
  • We ended up having a 3 hour lay over in the land of 10,000 lakes. Good thing they also had a Dairy Queen.
  • We arrived at our destination at 12:00 am, stayed up talking to 2:30 am, only to be up at 6:00 am to be at pictures by 8:30 am
  • Pictures!Pictures!Pictures! We had a grand total of 47 people. It included my grandma, her kids, their spouses, grandkids, grandkids spouses and great grandkids. Believe it or not, it took longer to pick out one good picture of everyone than it did to take the group one.
  • Humidity – You are the one thing I don’t miss. It started raining about .2 seconds before we got the the photo place, and it killed about 35 heads of hair. Oh well, at least we were all together.
  • Dinner- We had lots of fun. The food was great and there were cousins galore. There were 71 of us that night that were all related someway. After we ate the “legal” girl cousins ended up in the bar doing shots. By the end of the evening the boy cousins had joined us along with our 70 year old aunt in the festivities. Damn, I sure do miss my family.
  • Sunday – We all went bowling! The little kids had a great time and us big kids had a great time just hanging out watching them. I would guess there were about 50 of us. Good thing we have connections at the lanes and got a smokin’ deal!!
  • Good-byes – They suck the big one. It wasn’t so hard this time as I know I will see everyone again in about 3 weeks. Telling Noodle bye on the other hand felt like my heart was being ripped out. She on the other hand barely had time to stop to say good-bye before she was running  off to play with yet another cousin.
  • The flight home? Oh that is post all on its own. I will work on it tomorrow. Its a real treat I promise. Punk ass kids.

All in all, it was a good time had by all most. We were trying to decide if it indeed was a true family reunion though as the police were never called once. Again, another post for another day.

Night night.

Podunk Here We Come

We are off tomorrow afternoon for a whirlwind trip to my beloved little hometown. As much as I want to be excited, I don’t want tomorrow to come. I may have mentioned before we will be going as our family of 3 and coming home as just a couple. Noodle is staying behind for 3 weeks until I will return for a wedding and to bring her home with me.

I am going to miss her like crazy I just know it. I keep going in her bedroom to just look at her as she is sleeping. I am not sure that I am going to make it. She is so excited about going and I know she will have a great time and be surrounded by her fan club family who thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread, but she is my baby and I want her with me. This mom stuff is hard work sometimes.

I hope y’all have a great long weekend. I still need to do some laundry and pack before I hit the hay. I won’t be checking in while we are gone as GASP! there is no such thing as high speed internet there, but I  am sure I will be back with some great family stories to share.

My Closet Is a Graveyard

Hubs was helping me fold a load of laundry before. He reached in the basket and pulled out a t-shirt of mine. He wanted to know if I was every going to throw it away. The shirt is thread bare and the lettering on the front is barely visable anymore. It is a shirt I got when I went away for the weekend to visit the college I would eventually go to. That means I have had that shirt longer than I have had him. The shirt reminds me of the “old days”, my friends, good times and bad, where I was then and where I am now. He asked me if he bought me a new one would I throw the old one away? I told him buy me one and then I will decide. Then I called my roommate and asked her if she still had hers, turns out she does! Two peas in a pod that girl and I.

I also have in my possession a pair of shoes that I have had for almost as long as the shirt. They are pretty basic black Adidas shoes. They stopped making this style after I had bought this pair, which was about the 4th pair I had of them. I knew they were discontinued so I only wore them occasionally to make them last. This pair of shoes I bought the summer that someone in our family was very sick. I flew home right after I finished my freshman year of college to help watch the kids. It was a long, very stressful summer. Not knowing from one minute to the next just what would happen. One day someone else offered to watch the kids and my cousin and I went shopping. We both bought a pair of these shoes. That day was a turning point. We were able to get away and not have to worry about everything at home. It was also the day we learned that there was a bone marrow match that we had so desperately waited and hoped for.

I think I just decided I would like to be burried the shirt and shoes. I sure hope they make it that long :). Tell me whats in your closets that you have had for forever and a day.

(The shirt is 15 years old, the shoes 14).

From The Mouths of Babes

I called my BFF this afternoon to tell her we sold our house!OMG!WE.SOLD.OUR.HOUSE!!! Anyway, she was hooting and hollering and I could hear Little Mister in the background asking “What Mama?”. BFF said “Auntie Mar sold her house”. Little Mister starting yelling “Now they can move to Texas too”.

It snapped my pea picking heart right in two. See, Mr.BFF moved a year ago for work BFF and the kids stayed here until their house sold. It seems Little Mister thinks everyone moves to Texas when you sell your house.  If only things worked as easy in real life as they do in the mind of a 3 year old.

Brain Dump

Well we have an offer on our house. Excited? Yes! Scared? A little bit. Nervous? More than you know. They made an offer a little lower than we would really like to take. They also have a few other little things they have written into the contract. We are going to counter offer and give them everything else that they want.  We went round and round about what to do. As much as we would like to sell and be out of this one, we do want fair price and thought it was listed to sell. We also don’t want to turn them down and then worry about another offer coming in, and possibly having to take less the closer we get to “having to move”. It would be amazing to have sold our house in a weeks time in the market that we are in.

Where do we go from here? We have a house we can stay in until the middle of Octoberish, our new house won’t be done until at least December, maybe January. We could then move in with my parents until the new house was ready. I am not sure that 3 months would not feel like 3,000 years or that we would make it out alive to move into the new house.  I do think it is the best case scenario though. We considered renting an apartment but we have 250 pounds of dogs to bring with us and I am not sure how that would work. They are used to a doggie door and having to walk them 4 or 5 times a day would cramp everyones style, theirs included.

Stuff, stuff and more stuff! Have any of you ever used one of those pod things where they drop the storage unit off, you pack it, they come and take it away and store it and then drop it at your new place when you are ready? It is either this or just a regular storage unit. Thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed.

The icing on the cake? We are out of town this weekend, I am home for 2.5 weeks and then am off for 5 days to a wedding 2500 miles away, only to come home on a Monday to move out the following Friday as in four days later. Can you say CRAZY???  This week when I should be packing  to go on our trip but really can’t because we still have to keep everything picked up, I have a meeting Weds. and Thurs. night, we leave Friday afternoon but will most likely leave the house early to take Noodle to school and not come back home. I guess late Thursday night I will be throwing things in the suitcase hoping not to forget anything.  Tomorrow I have to go shopping to find the 3 of us shirts to wear for a family portrait. There will be about 65 people in the picture and we are wearing denim bottoms and a red white or blue shirt. I think it will be an awesome picture. I am sure there will be stories to tell about the actual taking of the picture but I am hoping the outcome will rock.

I am off to see just how much chocolate cake I can eat. At this point my guess is ALOT!

Could It Be?

People looked at our house Thursday night. They are coming back tonight to look at it again. Oh!My!Gosh! This is happening much faster than we thought it would, we are very excited but trying not to get too excited.

Please cross your fingers and toes for us about 6:00 tonight that next time I post I will be able to tell you that we are homeless for the time being!!

The Herb Garden Would Be Nice

This morning we were waiting for Annie and her mom yet again. She called and told me they were running late but next week they were totally going to make it up to me with “an awesome” gift. I told her I did not want or need a gift. Too late she said, already done. The last time my brother someone told me they were getting me “an awesome gift” I got a Chia Pet. I sure hope she doesn’t get me the one shaped like the cow. I am not sure I have enough love to go around to love another as much as I do the first.