For A Good Time Call…

Please don’t be jealous as I tell you about how much fun I am going to have the next three days.

 Today= Dentist for my permanent crown

Tomorrow= Yearly “fun” exam of the girly bits

Friday= Quarterly mammogram, as I have boobs lumpier than mashed potatoes.

 Good times I know.


If you want the password, please email me, or leave me a comment. It seems as I was trying to figure out how to make it work, I protected the post saying I was going to do random password protected posts. Now, I don’t know how to unprotect that post. Duh.

Brain Dump

I guess its been awhile since I have posted to ye ol blog. I have lots of bits and pieces, which is good because I don’t think my poor brain could compile anymore than that if it tried. So instead of longs ramblings, I will take the easy way out: Bullets!!

  •  The wedding last weekend (although it seems like it was much much longer ago than that), was lovely. I thought that it was going to be much fluffier than it was, it wasn’t which, which was nice if you know what I mean. The reception was also a fabu time, in which we got to just be ourselves with several friends, who when we are usually with we all have to behave and act like adults.  Several shots were consumed, and although they caught up to me the next few days, they were well worth it.
  • Last Sunday, Noodle and I went to the zoo with my friend A and her step-daughter who most people ask if they are twins (Noodle and her step-daughter) when we have them together. A’s nephew (who is 2) can’t tell them apart is always calling Noodle by the others name. Its too cute. I have pictures. Maybe tonight if I can get a connection at the house that will last longer than 30 seconds.
  • Wednesday Noodle’s sports team played in a championship game. Unfortunately, they did not win but to make it as far as they did was awesome. There are more stories with sports, but lets save them for another time.
  • Thursday – The dreaded parent teacher conferences. (Excuse me while I pull on my bragging pants). My child is the kind of student every teacher wants. Works hard, gets excellent grades, and is well behaved. I wish they would just send the report card home instead of having us come in and make small talk for 30 mins, when there isn’t much more to say than “Keep up the good work Noodle”. I will say though once again I heard a complement about my child which in my opinion, is one that makes me the proudest. “Noodle is such a nice girl, and she doesn’t give in to peer pressure”. The first time someone told me this, I was surprised. Now we hear it more often than not. It makes me so very proud of my girl. She is a strong willed ball of fire and that is what I want her to be.
  • Wednesday and Thursday were also planned strategically as I was suffering from a bit of some sort of stomach bug. That is way more than enough about that.
  • School mass this week was also consumed by the stomach bug as several kids had to be escorted out in a hurry if you know what I mean. I am not sure the priest who was visiting will want to come back again anytime soon. It wasn’t the homily, really, it was just the yucky bug going around!
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday were consummed with a school activity that included an Elvis impersonator, jumpy things galore, all the sugar you could consume, and only seeing your child when they ran out of tickets or money. We do have a great time at it every year. It is a ton of work, but it is for the kids and that makes it all worth it. Did I mention it was a ton of work? I have been on the commitee for it for the last 5 years or so, I am happy and sad at the same time to say this was my last year. I have several other things to do that are connected with school and just can’t keep up with them all anymore.
  • This morning after we dropped the kids off at school Mama B and I were talking about how tired we were. She looked at me and said “At least you are off today”. Unfortunately, I am not. Fortunately I have the kind of job were is ok to show up in cut off sweat pants and flip-flops occasionally.
  • Mixed in with all the craziness mentioned above ( and I am sure I forgot something) we have been trying to come up with plan 672 as we are still going to be a few days short on our lease in the fall home, before the new house is done. People, we are in the home stretch now, as in one month from tomorrow!! Expect loosing my mind freak out posts to begin soon. 30 days!! I am way excited about the new house, but more than anything I just can’t wait to see my own junk again.
  • Last but not least, we were not able to attend either funeral of those that occured last week. One was Saturday, the day of the wedding, the other was out of town and with the events at school we just couldn’t do it. It was hard to accept but we just couldn’t be in 2 or more places at once.

Boy, does that feel better to get that all out. I haven’t been around much to read blogs, but I promise to try and catch up with y’all soon.

An Irish Blessing

We found out yesterday, I lost our beloved parish priest that we had while I was growing up. Hubs lost his 27 year old cousin, with four young children .

One who lived his years to the fullest, one who had only begun to live hers. We are heartbroken. Heaven is a better place today because I know they are there.

May the road rise up to meet


May the wind be always at

your back,

May the sun shine warm upon

your face,

And the rain fall soft upon

your field,

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm

of His hand.