Guess what Wii found? Wii can hardly wait for Christmas so Wii can try it out. Wii will let you know how much fun Wii have with it.

Hubs Noodle is going to be SO excited! Hurry up December would ya?

Every Party Has A Pooper

This morning as I was reading my favorite blogs, the first 3 I read were all talking about the flickr hub-bub. Zoot says it way better than I ever could but I second her with a great big “Hell ya, what she said”. I went right into flickr and set not one, not two, but three accounts to private. (One for hubs family, one for my family and one for ye old blog if you were wondering). I try to be very careful with the pictures I post but the thought of someone stealing a picture of my child or anyone’s child makes me sick. So I am thinking I will either figure out how to invite / add people to view my flickr pictures or do random password protect posts when I add a picture of Noodle. I am not worried about the regular people who read here, but have you ever checked the search engines that bring people to your blog? I think those would be the ones who I would wonder about. If you would like the password when I can think of yet another password, or want to see the Noodle cuteness let me know I will be happy to share with you. Unless of course you are an axe murderer and if that is the case please be sure to mention that in the subject of the email so I can just dump you right in the trash folder.


It never fails. On the nights I make an effort to make a somewhat decent supper for my family the hubs comes home from work and heads straight to the pantry. He will stand beside me as I am making supper and eat chips or cookies or whatever else he can find. It pisses me off to no end. His only valid point is that he does indeed still eat whatever it is that I make. An appetizer he calls it. Are you that hungry that you can’t wait another 15 mins. to eat something?? Tonight as I was putting the food on Noodle’s plate he was eating candy.  Did you hear me yelling? Tell me would it make you mad as well or is it just me??

My Bad (and other ramblings)

Earlier today I was surfin my favorite blogs and I popped over to see what was happening in Mal’s little part of the Internet. Seems she was thinkin some of her peeps were not showing her the bloggy love by not letting her comments show up. GUILTY AS CHARGED!! I didn’t realize that some of you fine people were leaving comments and that they were being marked as spam. Heck, I think I fixed it but I will keep watching the spam folder from now on to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Smooches to all of you!!

On a completely different note… We spent Friday evening at the Mama B house with friends and had a fab time. It seems friends, food and a whole bottle  little booz does make you feel a little better. (I am so going to miss not living right around the corner from them, its great because we can both drink and no one is left out and then just walk home). Our Saturday was spent at some other friends house playing the Wii. Seems to be our Saturday night ritual lately. Noodle cracks me up swinging that remote around. Last night she told someone “Bring it on”, I think I may have peed my pants.

The new house has insulation! Woo Hoo! 2 more months and we will have a place we can call home again!!

 And right now? We have our windows and doors open and it is actually nice!! The dogs are lovin it sitting at the front door watching the world go by. Heres hoping cooler temps are coming our way!!

Hope everyone has a great week. I sure am looking forward to one that is sure to be better than the last one.

A Moment In Time

I woke up this morning feeling like I have the worst hangover. What a shameI haven’t had a drop of alcohol in weeks.  I am sure it is because it has been a week long ride on the emotional rollar coaster. The viewing, rosary, funeral and burial of our friend, although as lovely as such a thing could be, were emotionally draining.

Just when I thought I had cried the last tear I could cry, I was shaken to the depths of my being. They asked that the funeral processional to the cemetery go by the cath0lic school that our friend was such a big part of.  (You might want to stop reading and grab a tissue real quick, I’ll wait, I have to grab one myself). As we drove by the students of the school were standing outside holding signs, waving and praying. It was a moment in time that I, who am never at a loss for words, can not describe. Although it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it, I never want to forget it. It was such a simple act of kindness, and I can only imagine that if it did what it did to me what it must have meant to the family.

Not The Brightest Crayon In The Box

Yesterday on my way to get lunch I stopped by a game store to see if I could find a Wii for Noodle. A few of our friends have gotten them lately. She loves it + we love watching her play =  perfect Christmas present.

 I called the game store early in the week and the guy who answered the phone assured me they had 9 of the console units. I should have not passed go, stopped what I was doing and went  immediately. 3 or 4 days later it seems is 3 or 4 days too late.

Anyway, I stopped in and went up to the counter and ask the young man working if they had any more Wii’s. He said “no, but would you like to buy a game for it?”  I think I must have looked at him confused. He said “If you buy a game you will save money”. I asked him “well what good would it do me to buy the game if I don’t have anything to play it in or on?”  He said “Well aren’t you going to buy one today?” I said “Only if you have one here to sell me”.  Needless to say I did not buy a game nor a Wii. I do have several of my peeps on the lookout for one.

I am not sure Hubs will be able to wait until Christmas to open it (if I find one). He keeps talking about how excited Noodle will be. I kind of wonder if this is his excuse to get another big screen tv for the loft. Everyone seems to think I was born yesterday.