TGIF – Or Not!

I had looked forward to Friday all week long. I knew it meant the end of the week followed by a 3 day weekend. My day was destined to be shitty for before I even opened my eyes.

  • The neighbors dogs started barking about 5:15 and stopped about .2 seconds after I got out of bed
  • Our friends who live on the next street over are out of town so we are watching their dogs. They have 3. 2 that live in the house and one who stays outside by his choice. Until yesterday morning that is. He was covered in mud and ran into the house. He is a great big scaredy cat and peed all over when I got near him. Great. Clean up mess, get dogs outside, go back home to get ready for work.
  • Log onto computer just real quick to check emails. Decide to check to see if pay check is in bank account. Turns out there is NO money in account. Someone made a mistake with Noodle’s tuition automatic withdrawl and they took out over 3 months of tuition all at once.  FREAK OUT.
  • Try to call school. Not open until 9. Call company that handles tuition. Very nice man figures out what happened. Explains that school has to offer refund not them.
  • Realize it is the last day anyone will be at school until August. FREAK OUT.
  • Run upstairs, wake Noodle up not so nicely, hurry and get ready for work.
  • Back over to friends to let the dogs in. Bella hides under the bed so I can’t lock her in her kennel.
  • Call work to make sure Bossman is going to be on time so I can run to school to try to fix problem
  • Drag poor little Bella out from under the bed and get her locked up.
  • Notice we need gas in truck. Get almost to gas station (about 15 mins away) and wonder if I picked up my debit card that was laying on the counter. Seems I didn’t. Of course I have no cash and no other form of payment.
  • Turn around and go all the way back home. Noodle runs in and grabs debit card and cash laying on counter.
  • Back to the gas station fill up truck (we have 4 different bank accounts, I know very confusing, but thankfully there was some $$ in this account still) $96.43, sadly I was happy it was less than $100.00. They have us so brainwashed.
  • Drop Noodle off at Gma’s. She has a slight meltdown. Try to reason with her in front of my mom in way that won’t give Gma any points to use against me.
  • Jump in truck get about 2 blocks away, realize I should have printed off the invoice thing nice man at tuition place sent me.
  • Turn around back to Gma’s house. Wait, wait, wait for Gma’s dial up access to get going.
  • Back on the road, on my way to school.
  • Get to school, find secretary, explain situation. She would be happy to just credit that amount to next years tuition. Um, hello! If I could pay that amount up front this problem never would have happened.
  • Secretary tells me if I don’t want credit it will take about a week to get me a check. FREAK OUT.
  • Have small melt down in school office wondering how we can get by on the $6.00 that is in my pocket for a week.
  • Decide to go over to rectory to see if priest is there and beg him to sign the check as soon as it goes through. He usually only signs them once a week. Give him the song and dance and beg pretty please . Walk away from rectory with big ol fat check.
  • Back over to school office to buy scrip so I can go back to school next day to buy uniforms. (I would rather walk over hot coals naked than buy school uniforms). Use the last check I have.
  • Go to bank to deposit big ol fat check and breathe sigh of relief that nothing else had tried to clear and nothing bounced.
  • Finally get to work.
  • MamaB calls, did I already get scrip? Run back to school to get scrip for MamaB, realize I have no more checks. (Yes, it was only about 20 mins after I wrote my last check).  Offer my left arm in exchange for  scrip with a promise to bring it when we come for uniforms the next day.
  • Back to work.
  • Check bank account all day long waiting for check to post.
  • Keep thinking just how good a beer would taste right. about. now.
  • 4:30 Gma drops Noodle off at shop. 30 min play by play of her day.
  • 5:00!! Never thought I would be so happy to get the heck out of there.
  • Off to the ballpark. Sweat, sweat, sweat some more.
  • Scream, yell, scream, yell, sweat, sweat, sweat some more.
  • Game is finally over!! We will get them next time girls – its ok.
  • Try to take picture of girls, with me laying on ground (MamaB saw it online and thought it would be soo cute) with girls standing in circle over me looking down.  We are going to have to try it again next game. Need to figure out how to get everyone in photo.  (I couldn’t seem to get quite far enough away from them all and I think I had my camera zoomed all the way in, any ideas? I will try to post a few of the ones I took ).
  • Start to itch. Realize I have grass everywhere. I mean everywhere. Ass sweat and grass are not a good combination, take it from me.
  • TIme to go home, FINALLY! Go let neighbor’s dogs out, come home and drag myself upstairs, take a quick shower and collapse in bed.

Oh what a day.

Good For Me. Not For Them.

Last night Noodle and I stopped at our favorite Tar-Jay store to get dog food. We circled the store picking up a few other necessities and some other random things that we most likely did not need but bought anyway.  After our shopping expedition was done we jumped into the shortest line and dumped our stuff on the counter. I left the 50 pound bag of dog food in the cart. Stuck on the bag was a $5.00 coupon that I pulled off and waited until our order was rung up before I handed it to the cashier.

What I have failed to mention is that our cashier was a perky little teeny bopper, who was 100% oblivious as to what was going on around her as her boyfriend was standing off to the side of her register talking to her about Peter’s party that was happening later. (I just went back and re-read that I wonder if it really was Peter’s party or a Peter party…?).

My total was something like $65.00 ish. I asked her, having  not noticed her scan my big bag of dog food, if she got my dog food.  $65.00 didn’t sound like quite enough but she looked at the register screen said “Yup” so I handed her the coupon. Off came the $5.00.

I paid, shoved the receipt in my purse took Noodle to the snack bar for an Icee and some popcorn and off we went. When we got home I took out my receipt to look to see how much something else was. Guess who didn’t pay for her dog food?  I had also bought dog cookies and that must have been what she saw when she looked (if she even really did). I guess not only did I not pay for dog food, Tar-Jay in a sense paid me $5.00 (because of my coupon) to shop at their store.

Usually it would have bothered me that I didn’t pay for something but in this case not so much. 

Maybe I Did. Maybe I Didn’t.

I may have been on my way to work this morning and I may have been waiting to make a left turn. Now, in my neck of the woods you do have to make sure no one else is coming before you choose to make said left turn, call me silly, but that may have been just what I was doing.

As I was maybe sitting in my big ass truck (that someone behind me in a wee bitty little car could not see around if they wanted to) waiting to make sure it was clear to go, and the person behind me may or may not have laid on their horn, I may or may not have rolled down my window and flipped them the big ol bird.

Said wee bitty car person may or may not have turned left right behind me. They may or may not also be the new people who are moving into the business next door to ours.

Some times I may or may not even impress myself with my social skills, or lack there of.

Self Portrait Saturday -Betty Crocker Wanna Be





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I should have been working today but as my luck goes, my list a mile long of people in reserve to watch Noodle when Hubs and I both have to work has come up short. I told Bossman that I was just going to have to bring her to work with me today, which is fine with him but it kinda makes 7 hours seem like 70 when she is there somedays. Bossman out of the goodness of his heart told me to stay home with my girl today. Poor Noodle has been worn out lately and was thrilled when I told her we would have an extra day at home. Noodle is still sleeping. I on the other hand have been up since the crack of dawn.


Since I have been up I have been to the neighbors to let her dogs out. Ran to the grocery store and came home and started whipping up some fun things.


sps 4 001


First we have lake dip, named for no other reason than we have it at the lake.


sps 4 002 

2 blocks of cream cheese

8 oz. salsa

8oz. shredded cheese

6oz. chopped olives

Mix together, let chill, dig in. All I can say is yummy. Serve with tortilla chips.


Next we have sausage balls.


sps 4 003

3 cups Bisquick

2 cups shredded cheese

1 lb. sausage

Mix together, roll into 1 inch balls, bake on cookie sheet at 350 for about 18 minutes. These are best served hot. (I used mild sausage, but hot sausage is very good as well).


Then I made Eggless Banana Bread. I saw the recipe over on Susan’s blog the other day and had some over ripe bananas that needed to be made into something. I have not tried it yet, but man does it smell good.


sps 4 004


Last but not least we have good old Rice Krispy Treats.


sps 4 005


Still on the list are brownie bites.  Prepare brownies as directed on box.  Then I use these pans from Pampered Chef. Fill almost to the top, bake at 350. They take exactly 9 minutes in my oven. Yours may vary just a bit. Believe it or not, these freeze very well. Half of these will go in the freezer for a future camping trip, the other half we will take with us Monday to the MamaB house. (Pictures later!)


Now I am off to take advantage of being home and getting caught up on laundry.


Such a glorious life, I know.

Mixing Up The Royalty

Tonight on the way home Noodle was flipping through the radio stations on the satelite radio. The face of the radio lists the artist name and the song.

The screen said “Prince 7”.

Noodle said “Oh I know who THEY are”

I said “No honey Prince is that black man, not a group”

Noodle “I though he sang We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You”

Me: “Um, that would be Queen

My funny, funny girl.


Take Me Out To Ballgame AGAIN!

Saturday night the girls had softball practice. Big surprise I know. Being the fabulous mothers that we are we sent the girls with their dad’s to practice and MamaB and I went shopping. (It was only to the grocery store, but that doesn’t sound as fun or very glamorous). As we were checking out and dividing our goods (we shared a cart, I know awww…) we were laughing as usual. The cashier did a double take.

Cashier: Are you guys sisters?

MamaB: No.

(We look nothing alike, it would be like comparing these two guys)

Cashier: Well do you tan at the same place?

MamaB and Mar in unison: At the ballpark!

A little left of center if you ask me but whatever. The good news seems to be that we are getting more than we bargained for when we signed the girls up to play ball. Maybe they should add Free Tanning For Parents! to the registration forms. 

Tonight is our last regular season game. The past few games have been intense. Our team is kicking A$$. Its ALL about winning.  It is not about winning. It is about learning the game,  good sportsmanship ,making new friends, and most importantly WINNING! trying your best.  As I understand the very complicated “scoring” the best we can finish is 2nd. BUT! And a very big but (He he) it is… Where you finish in the regular season really only places you in the tournaments. The way the tournament was set up in the dark ages when they started the ball club is a double elimination tournament. (Logically the last place team could come from behind and win it all).  So as it turns out 2nd is really a better spot to be in than 1st. 1st place will get the first “By”. Which means we will play either 5th or 6th place, most likely eliminating them. Which then gives us the next “By”, forcing 1st to play 3rd a better team than 5th or 6th  making them work a bit harder AND giving us a small break before (if we indeed beat 5th or 6th) playing whoever wins 1st vs. 3rd. Are you confused yet? Good. Me too.

So cross your fingers that the girls have fun tonight and play their best. It is still about 112 out and will remain in the upper 100’s well into the evening. They really are troopers. Hot, sweaty and stinky, but troopers none the less.

 If you happen by the ballpark tonight I will be  the one right behind home plate with the great tan biting my nails.


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I was tagged by Vixen for this one… 

My quirks

  • I refuse to fold socks. I just throw them in a laundry basket in the bottom of Hubs closet. 
  • I love mac and cheese, but ONLY the original kind. I think the shapes and spirals taste funny.
  • I do not like open closet doors, cabinets in the kitchen or even my shower curtains. I follow behind everyone making sure they all closed all the time.
  • I re-load the dishwasher after Hubs ALL the time. He may do it the right way, but its not my way so I re-do it.
  • The inside of my truck looks like someone lives in it. Random articles of clothing, half empty bottles of water and empty wrappers from who knows what. Come to think of it, most days I feel like we spend more time in the truck than anywhere else.
  • I do not eat leftovers. Not from a resturant or anything I make at home. I have gotten very good at making just the amount we will eat, and believe it or not do not waste much food.


I don’t know who to tag. If you want to play, let me know so I can visit your blog and read about your quirks.

Cooking With Mar

This hands down is our favorite snack at our house. I don’t make it very often but when I do it doesn’t last long.


Here is the original recipe:



2 Cups Crispix Cereal

6 oz. Cheez- Its

11oz. Pretzel Sticks

6 oz. mini-Ritz bits

2 Cans Mixed Nuts

11 oz. Fritos



2 sticks margarine

4 Tbs. Brown Sugar

1tsp. Chili Powder

1tsp. Worcester

2 tsp. Garlic Powder

1 tsp. Curry Powder

6 drops Tabasco Sauce


snack 001 Like I said that is the “original” recipe. Noodle loves the cereal the most so I usually use about 6 cups, I also add more Cheez-Its than it calls for, I use only one can of nuts, and about half the pretzels it calls for, but I also just use the whole bag of Fritos. I will also look in the pantry to see what we have little bits of left. Goldfish are a common add in as well. As for the Ritz-bits I have never been able to find them so have never used them.


Now, I will sometimes substitute Chex Cereal and will also use the store brand of “Chex”, it just so happened this week Crispix was on sale at the store so I used that this time. For the love of all things holy though, DO NOT use a generic or store brand of corn chips. I have tried it more than once it is just isn’t the same. I don’t know why, but take my word for it.

I knew I was going to make 2 batches this time so I measured out the spices and mixed them in a zip-lock bag so they were ready to go when I was ready to  make the second batch.

So, mix your “snacks” in a deep pan. (A throw away turkey roaster pan works great, nothing to clean up and easy to stir as it cooks, the pan I used this time wasn’t quite deep enough to really mix it as it was baking). Melt the butter and spices in the microwave then poor over and mix really well.


snack 002


snack 003 Now its ready to go into a 250 degree oven for 1.5 hours, stirring every 20 minutes.


snack 004 (No ones nose was burned in the taking of this picture!)




snack 006 Here is the finished product. I leave it in the pan until it is cool and then usually just put it into freezer size zip-lock bags. You can see the first batch in containers behind the pan. I plan on sending Noodle over to the new neighbors with some to tell them welcome to the neighborhood. 


My mom likes to add M&M’s when she makes it after it has cooled. M&M’s never make it home from the store at my house so I don’t usually add them.


OK, your turn… What’s your favorite snack you make?

Self Portrait Saturday – Friends

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Did you ever have a friend when you were little that you tried to convince all your other friends was related to you? 


My BFF from high school and I had to spend most of our days convincing people that we WERE NOT related. What do you think?


 lisa (Just don’t look too close – bad hair, bags under the eyes, no make-up – Its been a long week).