Day 1

Started off fine. Noodle had an eye appointment later in the afternoon and then we were going to meet the MIL and Hubs for dinner. 

We got to the eye doctor 15 minutes early. Our appointment was at 3:30. We finally saw the doctor at 4:55.  As we were sitting in the waiting room my head started pounding. I assumed it was from a lack of caffeine as that is what gets me through the day at work. No work = no caffeine. I was afraid to go and find something to drink because I didn’t want to miss our turn, because every time I went up to the counter and asked I was assured we were next. Next after 3 other people.

By the time they called Noodle back I could barely keep my eyes open let alone listen to what he was telling me about her eyes. (It was the usual, slightly worse, stigmatism (sp?)  in both eyes now. Must wear glasses all the time now, except when she is sleeping). After that we ventured across the street to the restaurant to meet everyone. I walked straight to the bar and pretty much begged for a pop NOW! Of course they had Coke products (Yuck!), but desperate times call for desperate measures… I sucked it down in record time pleading with the Soda Gods to make it better. I drug myself through the restaurant looking for the table the gang was sitting at. Popped some advil, and burst into tears.  (I am not a wimp, I promise you but I thought I was going to die with the marching band that was playing in my head at that point!). I sat a little longer and tried to eat something, hoping that would help as well.

Not a good idea. I couldn’t do it anymore. I told everyone I was going home. (No, driving myself home was not a smart move). I got home just in time to um, loose my cookies so to speak.  Yeah, that helped my head immensely. Ha.

I literally crawled up the stairs to my bed. Next time I looked at the clock it was 3:11 this morning. I picked my head up off the pillow and still had a dull headache so I took some more advil and back to sleep I went. 

Lets hope Day 2 of our Staycation is a little better than the first.

T Minus ….

4.5 hours and counting. Come 4:59, I am O-U-T  of here.  I will be off until August 6th! YIPPEE!

Wednesday afternoon it dawned on me that I had 12 days off to do what ever we wanted. A small panic set in when I realized that I had nothing planned. In a rare fly by the seat of my pants moment I jumped on-line and started looking for plane tickets for Noodle and I. (Hubs can’t take any time off right now).  I wasn’t really sure where I though it was I wanted us to go, but go I wanted to. I tried all the places that I knew that the tickets would be our only real expense. My heart aches for my beloved Po-Dunk, as does my girl’s, but that just wasn’t in the cards for us. I briefly considered another wee bitty town, one in Oregon where my college roommate has taken up hugging trees but man alive tickets to the great Northwest are not cheap. (I am sure it had nothing to do with me trying to buy tickets 2 days in advance). My last ditch effort was to see BFF and her gang.  They live in the armpit of the world though and are coming home 2 times in the next 6 weeks so after some careful consideration it didn’t make sense to spend the money to go to see them right now.

So for the next 12 days we will be hanging close to home.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve to keep Noodle from going stir-crazy but for the most part its gonna be a whole lotta nothing. It may just be the 12 longest days of my life, but I think  am ready for it.

Good Thing She Is Cute

Dear Noodle,

I understand 100% that it wasn’t your fault* that there was gum in your pocket when I washed your shorts.

  •  I was the one who bought the gum.
  • I was the one who picked the clothes up off your bedroom floor to wash them.
  • I am the one who carried them downstairs and put them in the washer, and then into the dryer.
  • I am also the one who didn’t check YOUR pockets to make sure they were gum free.

Because it was MY fault I didn’t mind in the least bit:

  • Picking little bitty pieces of gum off of all the other clothes in the load
  • Picking little bitty pieces of gum out of the washer
  • Trying to figure out how to get melted little bitty pieces of gum out of the dryer
  • Wasting 2 hours doing the above mentioned activies.

Of course I would be happy to stop at the store on my way home and buy you a new pack of gum, being it was all my fault that the other was wasted.



*I am sure Daddy must have been the one to leave it your shorts the last time he wore them, since you are sure it wasn’t you who left it in there.

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

house 029 house 031 house 037

Thankfully, indeed it was only the power cord that needed to be replaced on the laptop. Last night I was looking through pictures believing that I was never going to see them again. (One would have thought I would have learned long ago when the beloved laptop crashed and we lost a more pictures than  care to remember. Why yes Noodle, you did turn 10, we just have no photos of that year of your life because your mom is too lazy to click the computer mouse a few times and add them to a CD anyway….).  These were in the June 21st, 2007 file.  Its so hard to remember when we were the only house on the street. Look! Photographic evidence that it was true.  We have now (as of a few days ago) been in our own home again longer than we lived in the Summer Home or the Rental From Hell.


Speaking of time flying by SCHOOL STARTS 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it isn’t so. I am so not ready and I imagine that Noodle isn’t either. My baby is going to be in JR HIGH!  For the love of all things Holy, somebody make her stop growing up. 


4th July 084 Skiing 045

(Fourth of July 2008)                                                     (Skiing Feb. 2007)


Hopefully pictures tonight of the newly painted room and PhoBloDays. Noodle has camp this week so we are getting home late yet again. I can’t WAIT to tell you all about it once she is done :).


I am happy to report that the painting is done. There were no spills and even better no paint on the ceiling which is my typical painting trademark.

I am unhappy to report though as I was cleaning up the last of my efforts, Noodle announced that the laptop was dead. Seems we need a new power cord (I hope that is all it needs anyway), so hopefully there will be pictures soon.

Along with no pictures of the room there are also no photos for Shanny’sPhoBloDays.  I took pictures, I  just have no way to share them until a new cord comes. (I am posting from work).


 I know the suspense has been killing you so …. This is the color that comes up when I do a google search of Behr Marmalade. It is much more orange-ish on the walls and I love it.  I just need to print some picture to hang on the wall and it will be done, but of course the pictures are on the laptop so I will hurry up and wait to do that as well.

Who Needs An Enemy

A text message conversations between my neighbor and myself.

N: Are you painting yet?

Me: No, I can’t get the blinds down. Have everything else cut in though 2 finish primer.

N: Oh my God woman get a screw driver and a ladder or brush your hair and put a little make up on and go out front and find a worker man.

After I peed my pants laughing I sent her back a not very nice reply that I shouldn’t share here.

Now if you will excuse me, I guess I better go and brush my hair cause the blinds are kicking my ass.