Home Is Where Your Heart Is

We have been home since Tuesday afternoon. I keep coming here trying to write about it all but I guess I am just not ready for it yet. How about a few pictures in the mean time?


Milligan 037 Grandma’s house.


Milligan 050My brother’s footprint in the garage.


Milligan 093 The Donald Duck nightlight that we used no matter how old we were. It was just something you did at Grandma’s.

Milligan 073 And we mustn’t forget the fish that have been on the bathroom wall since they moved in in 1951. 

Grandma passed away late last night. We are leaving to make the 20 hour drive this morning, my parents and I.  Its going to be a long hard week away. There is no such thing as cable tv let alone  internet at Grandma house so there will be no updates here until I return.  Circumstances permitting, I will try to update Facebook via my cell phone.



In a strange turn on events today I was the one who got the call.  The call that brought me to my knees and the end to an era.

Lets back up a few days my 91 year old Grandma had back surgery (why they did back surgery on a 91 year old woman is beyond us, but I suppose its not worth the battle at this point) on Wednesday and Friday they sent her home BY HERSELF! Saturday morning she fell and broke her hip.  Sunday morning they did hip surgery.  They thought things were looking up.  It seems when she fell she also hit her head and didn’t realize it until last night.

Things took a turn for the worse early this morning  and I got the phone call about lunch time.  They tried and tried calling my dad (who had his phone off at the dentist office), they tried my mom, finally they gave up and called me.

I immediately grabbed my purse and left work. I went right to my parents house. I got there about 5 mins. before my dad did. 

I am not sure which is harder, telling your parent that their parent isn’t going to make it or being the parent and telling your own child that someone isn’t going to make. Today, I had to do both and neither was one bit easier than the other. 

Now, we wait for the call that she is gone. They are anticipating less than 24 hours. She is comfortable but nothing else will be done for her.  I am not at all sad for her. She lived a long life.  In less than 24 hours she will be back in the arms of my Grandpa. Arms that I have longed to be in myself on several occasions.  It will be a great day for them. It is the rest of us that my heart is breaking for.

Were We Really Even There?

vail 006

vail 012


vail 060

vail 058

 vail 023 We were all the way home before we realized that we did not have a single picture of us together on our trip. Guess we will have to depend on the magic of Photoshop for that one.  I do plan on finishing the recap from our trip but things here have been filled with turmoil to say the least. When you are a creature of habit such as myself any bit of change throws you for a loop. Right now we it is like we are on a never ending roller coaster and we can’t figure out how to get off the ride.  Oh well, this too shall pass.