Out On The Town

Saturday night  we  went out with some of our favorite couple friends.  Dinner and the piano bar.  I had been in a great big feel sorry for myself funk and was hoping that a night out was just what I needed. We called it a good-bye girly bits party. The bits? They had quite the send out.



( Such the send out that when everyone came over on Sunday to BBQ and watch the race, we all fell asleep on the couch and took a two hour nap, we know how to show our peeps a good time don’t we? )


It was nice to not think about anything but having a good time. I did wish that my other bar buddy was with me (oh how I wished she was here), but I have a feeling we will see each other soon!


My friends in the pictures both have baby girls so it is easier to just hang out at someone’s house when we get together , but if we learned anything from Saturday night is that its good to get out.  Give me 6 or 8  weeks and I will be ready to do it again 🙂 .


The promise of posts to come…

  • Ryan’s funeral.
  • The surprise birthday party that took 9 months to plan.
  • Surgery.
  • Guess who won’t have a  job soon?
  • Noodle vs. Boys
  • My kick ass Bestie and surprise that showed up on my doorstep

I keep sitting down to try to get a post up and I get overwhelmed, hit draft and walk away.  I also have over 800 pictures on my camera card that I just can’t seem to find the time to load and share. 

I downloaded the wordpress app to my phone hoping that would help me get a post or two going, but as you can see it hasn’t helped as of yet.

I’m gonna get back on the bloggy bandwagon. Sooner rather than later. I hope.