Without Feathers Please

Yesterday when the guys were painting the house I ran to the grocery store to get some lunch meat and stuff for them to have for lunch. I asked the lady for 1 pound of honey ham. She asked me if I wanted any cheese. I said I wanted more meat and then we would get to the cheese. I asked for 1 pound of turkey. She asked me which turkey I would like. I pointed and said this one please. She said I can’t see which one you are pointing at. I bent down to try and read the difference on the postage stamp size labels. I said I don’t know the difference, I would like the one on my right please. She said you need to be more specific. I want to give you the turkey you want not the turkey I want you to have. By this time another lady was standing next me and we exchange a half smile like um, ok. I said I want the turkey that is $6.99 a pound. She said now I know what you are talking about. Then she asked me if I wanted cheese. I said I would like 1 pound of roast beef and then we would move to the cheese. She asked which roast beef and remember I can’t see you pointing. I said just so you know I can’t tell the difference I am on this side of the counter, you are on that side and it is your job to know which is which. Then I told her the roast beef that is $8.99 a pound or whatever it was. I told her that was all the meat I wanted. She handed me my packages and said have a nice day. I said what about my cheese??

I wondered if I was on Candid Camera and whispered good luck the lady that was still waiting. I sure hope she remembered not to point.


I went back and forth about posting about this. I don’t want to offend anyone, nor do I want to imply that my way is the only way. With that said…..

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to take  pictures of the house painting in progress (see previous inside and outside posts). I snapped the inside one with all the paper on the windows and ventured outside. I walked out of the garage and around to the front of the house. I took one picture turned around and.there.they.were.

It was like magic, one minute I was alone the next I felt trapped. There were 4 of them. I in my pajamas still they dressed to the 9’s. They were instantly handing me their brochures and beginning to talk about Jesus and all things holy.

Now, I come from a looooonnnnnnggggggggggg line of devote Cath0lics. We have priests and nuns in our family. With the money that my family (Noodle’s generation and at least the 3 if not 4 previous, and there are a whole mess of us) has spend on Cath0lic education it seems as if we could rival Bill Gates. I am NOT complaining about the $$ spent, I am a firm believier in you get what you pay for, I am just trying to make a point.

I very nicely tried to tell them that this was not a good time, as I am sure they could see we were trying to paint the house and things were a little hectic. They wanted to know when a good time was. I told them I did not want them to come back. One of the gentlemen told me “Then you will go to H*ll when the world ends”.  I told him, that we are practicing Cath0lics, attend Mass religiously (HA! not pun intended), Noodle goes to parochial school, I went etc, etc, etc. It was not enough for him. He was “spreading the word of Jesus and those who would not listen to him were to be dammed to H*ll”.  I turned on my heels, and pipped back “I guess I will see you there”.

I was beyond livid. I understand that they want to share their beliefs. But, if someone doesn’t want to listen, LEAVE.THEM.THE.FUCK.ALONE. The way I see it is this. I believe what I want to believe. You have every right to believe what you want to believe. I don’t feel the need to share what I believe with complete strangers.

Funny how with that being said, here I am sharing with you, who in all honestly would also be complete strangers. Not trying to justify, but I guess if y’all don’t want to read it you don’t have to. They really didn’t give me much of an option.

Lazy Day

One of us at our house is being a lazy bum today. The other is working their bum off. I would be the lazy one. I have done nothing, except brush my teeth. I am still in my pajamas and don’t really plan on getting out of them. We were supposed to go to something later this afternoon but I am not sure the hubs will be up for it.

Hubs is painting the outside of the house today. He and my boss’ son started taping everything off this morning and should be just about ready to start spraying it soon. Some other friends of his are coming over to do the trim tomorrow.

Noodle was outside “helping” and the hubs dropped a roll of tape off the ladder in her direction so now she is inside acting like she is about to lose a limb. She was easily distracted by Moon Sand. (If you have kids and have never seen this it is pretty cool stuff, kinda like play-dough that she will play with for hours).

One of my all time favorite movies ever is on. The Breakfast Club. I hate it when they dub over the words though. When I was in college we watched this over and over. Can believe how young they all look.  What are some of your favorite movies?

Better go and check on the hubs before my next nap, we all know what happened the last time he tried to paint.

Saturday Shuffle

  1. Staying Alive Bee Gees
  2. Piano Man Billy Joel
  3. Danny’s Song James Taylor
  4. Drive Alan Jackson
  5. Feed Jake Pirate of The Mississippi
  6. Jesus Take The Wheel Carrie Underwood
  7. Jive Talkin Bee Gees
  8. Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
  9. Ring Of Fire Johnny Cash
  10. Tequilla Makes Her Clothes Fall Off Joe Nichols

2 Bee Gee Song this week. Thanks to Audrey for those!

    Dr Who

    Yesterday the hubs went to pick up my prescription at the nice little drug store on the corner. After he got home I was looking at the label and noticed I didn’t recognise the doctors name. I asked hubs to double check it as I was still a bit drugged out of it. He looked and confirmed it wasn’t my doctor.

    I decided in all my toughness I was going to call the drugstore and figure out what was going on. The girl who answered the phone was not.a.nice.person. I explained to her that hubs just picked up my prescription and the doctors name was incorrect. She said oh, it was an E.R. doctor that signed it. I told her I was not at the E.R. so that wasn’t it. Then I told her I had watched the doctor sign the scrip and that was not her name. The girl on the phone got really pissy with me and wanted to know why I was calling. I tried to nicely tell her I just wanted to make sure that I got the right medicine before I started popping the pills. She told me that they never (HAHAHA) make mistakes and she was sure that it was the right medicine.

    I asked one more time about the doctors name and she told me it wasn’t a big deal. I guess doctors each have a number that goes with their name and this was the name that popped up in her computer when she put in said number.

    I read the little information packet and matched up what the pills said they should look like, and what they did look like.  It still made me a bit nervous. So hubs took the medicine back and spoke to the actual pharmacist to make sure it was right. Hubs asked about name being wrong and I guess the pharmacist wasn’t real happy about the mix up. (The pills were the right ones).

    I know that everyone makes mistakes, I usually make more than my fair share, but think that this was something I had the right to question.

    Privacy Please

    Yesterday I had my little procedure done at a surgery center. It was in a lovely building, on the “rich” side of town. It had a nice big lobby / waiting room.  I was amazed at how many doctors just came out called out the name of the person waiting for their patient sat down next to them and shared the details of the patient, with whoever else around them hearing the details as well. Maybe it was just me but I really didn’t care to know about someones hemorrhoids.

    After they finally admitted me (somehow the lady at the desk forgot to pull my paperwork blah blah blah whatever), did all the paperwork, hooked up the IV, had me pee in a cup, they brought the hubs back to sit by me until the they took me back.  I was in a row of beds with curtains just pulled around us. You could hear everything that was going on on both sides of you. They took the person on my left side back and then had to change the sheets on that bed or something. It sounded like the people getting that “curtain” ready for the next person, were getting their grove on. They were grunting and moaning and who knows what else. The hubs and I were trying our best not to laugh. Just when I had convinced him to pull back the curtain a bit my doctor came in to talk to me.

    The lady on the other side of me appeared to be hard of hearing so she was talking REALLY loud and the nurse helping her was foreign and they were having a hard time understanding each other. The woman was trying to explain to the nurse what she was allergic to. One on her list was a drug they stopped using in 1972. I wanted to yell over, “I wasn’t even born in 1972!”. They went back and forth over this drug. Finally the patient asked the nurse “Don’t you have a book you can look it up in?”. The nurse (God Bless Her) said “No, I only got a sticker in my cracker jacks box this morning”. Again it was all we could do not to laugh.

     I am fine. The doctor said all went well. I am glad it is over. Look for several more long winded boring posts today as I sit here trying to keep myself entertained.


    Hubs just left to take Noodle to school and I am sitting here trying not to think about how I am hungry and thirsty and could not have anything after midnight last night. As is would go, any other morning I probably would not eat breakfast anyway.

     Yesterday I went shopping for a bra. I am by no means “small” when it comes to the boob department but oh.my.god. I am a 100% underwire kinda girl. Well I am having my lumps removed today and one is right where an underwire would rub so I thought I would try and find one without a wire. I headed to the “cheap” bras as I don’t plan on wearing it much more than  a few days. I went to the ones that come in a box. The first one I pulled out would have made Dolly Parton gasp. I didn’t realize I was looking for a hat! I am not sure why the cups looked huge but I think I could have fit both boobs in one.

    Of course I just brought them home without trying them