Without Feathers Please

Yesterday when the guys were painting the house I ran to the grocery store to get some lunch meat and stuff for them to have for lunch. I asked the lady for 1 pound of honey ham. She asked me if I wanted any cheese. I said I wanted more meat and then we would get to the cheese. I asked for 1 pound of turkey. She asked me which turkey I would like. I pointed and said this one please. She said I can’t see which one you are pointing at. I bent down to try and read the difference on the postage stamp size labels. I said I don’t know the difference, I would like the one on my right please. She said you need to be more specific. I want to give you the turkey you want not the turkey I want you to have. By this time another lady was standing next me and we exchange a half smile like um, ok. I said I want the turkey that is $6.99 a pound. She said now I know what you are talking about. Then she asked me if I wanted cheese. I said I would like 1 pound of roast beef and then we would move to the cheese. She asked which roast beef and remember I can’t see you pointing. I said just so you know I can’t tell the difference I am on this side of the counter, you are on that side and it is your job to know which is which. Then I told her the roast beef that is $8.99 a pound or whatever it was. I told her that was all the meat I wanted. She handed me my packages and said have a nice day. I said what about my cheese??

I wondered if I was on Candid Camera and whispered good luck the lady that was still waiting. I sure hope she remembered not to point.


One comment on “Without Feathers Please

  1. brokenbaby says:

    seriosuly. I HAVE to point – why put it in cases if you can’t just say “umm..I want a pound of that turkey.”

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