For A Good Time Call…

Please don’t be jealous as I tell you about how much fun I am going to have the next three days.

 Today= Dentist for my permanent crown

Tomorrow= Yearly “fun” exam of the girly bits

Friday= Quarterly mammogram, as I have boobs lumpier than mashed potatoes.

 Good times I know.

Privacy Please

Yesterday I had my little procedure done at a surgery center. It was in a lovely building, on the “rich” side of town. It had a nice big lobby / waiting room.  I was amazed at how many doctors just came out called out the name of the person waiting for their patient sat down next to them and shared the details of the patient, with whoever else around them hearing the details as well. Maybe it was just me but I really didn’t care to know about someones hemorrhoids.

After they finally admitted me (somehow the lady at the desk forgot to pull my paperwork blah blah blah whatever), did all the paperwork, hooked up the IV, had me pee in a cup, they brought the hubs back to sit by me until the they took me back.  I was in a row of beds with curtains just pulled around us. You could hear everything that was going on on both sides of you. They took the person on my left side back and then had to change the sheets on that bed or something. It sounded like the people getting that “curtain” ready for the next person, were getting their grove on. They were grunting and moaning and who knows what else. The hubs and I were trying our best not to laugh. Just when I had convinced him to pull back the curtain a bit my doctor came in to talk to me.

The lady on the other side of me appeared to be hard of hearing so she was talking REALLY loud and the nurse helping her was foreign and they were having a hard time understanding each other. The woman was trying to explain to the nurse what she was allergic to. One on her list was a drug they stopped using in 1972. I wanted to yell over, “I wasn’t even born in 1972!”. They went back and forth over this drug. Finally the patient asked the nurse “Don’t you have a book you can look it up in?”. The nurse (God Bless Her) said “No, I only got a sticker in my cracker jacks box this morning”. Again it was all we could do not to laugh.

 I am fine. The doctor said all went well. I am glad it is over. Look for several more long winded boring posts today as I sit here trying to keep myself entertained.


Hubs just left to take Noodle to school and I am sitting here trying not to think about how I am hungry and thirsty and could not have anything after midnight last night. As is would go, any other morning I probably would not eat breakfast anyway.

 Yesterday I went shopping for a bra. I am by no means “small” when it comes to the boob department but I am a 100% underwire kinda girl. Well I am having my lumps removed today and one is right where an underwire would rub so I thought I would try and find one without a wire. I headed to the “cheap” bras as I don’t plan on wearing it much more than  a few days. I went to the ones that come in a box. The first one I pulled out would have made Dolly Parton gasp. I didn’t realize I was looking for a hat! I am not sure why the cups looked huge but I think I could have fit both boobs in one.

Of course I just brought them home without trying them

Boob Talk

Well girls, its that time of the month. No, not that time of the month. Its the time of the month for our monthly Lumpy Bumpy Boobie checks. For some reason I can’t get my Do It For You post to link right now (I will come back and try again later, you can always go to my boob check catergory and find it) to share my story.

Please take the time to do a monthly breast exam. I would also like for each of us to remind someone else to do it once a month as well. This month I am choosing to remind a sister. If you don’t have a sister how about your sister -in- law or a girlfriend who you wish was your sister.  I know that it is not always a comfortable conversation but if I can talk about it on the web, I think y’all can find it in yourself  to remind one person.

Do It For You! Your Worth It! Leave me a comment and let me know that you participated.

(I am going to try and do this on the 17th of each month as its Noodle’s b-day and it should be easy for me to remember, although I do realize today is the 18th).

Wishing you all lump free boobies now and always.

I Got The Call!

Woo Hoo! The lab just called and my lumps and bumps are just that. Lumps and bumps. Benign lumps and bumps! No cancer here baby! The doctor does want to remove the larger of the three so we will schedule that for May sometime. Right now I am off to celebrate and buy some shoes. Shoes make everything better don’t ya know? Thanks again for all your well wishes and good thoughts!!

Now I Wait

I am all done with this. I tossed and turned all night long thinking the very worse. I am not going to say it didn’t suck, but it wasn’t as bad as I had invisioned it.

The day started off pretty shitty, Noodle was in a funk, I was in a funk, it was just a funy kind of day I guess. My appointment card said one time, the reminder message on the phone said another and when I called, yet another time. I wasn’t feeling all warm and fuzzy trusting these people, but it all turned out ok.

The doctor was very nice and explained it all as she went. I can’t say I want to do it again anytime soon, but can now say it really isn’t worth the worry I put behind it. I did have to have another mammogram after she was done but it wasn’t bad as the ol’ boobies were pretty darn numb at that point. They are a bit sore now but tylenol and ice seem to be helping.

The doctor said everything looked good and she was pretty sure they would be benign. YIPPEE! We will know for sure it 2-3 days.

Thank you all for you thoughts and wishes. To all of you who have shared your own stories, it does help. Not that you would wish this upon anyone, it does make me feel better to know that I am not alone. Y’all rock!