Didn’t you hate it when you were little and someone said “I have  a secret but I can’t tell you what it is?”.

Well guess what? I HAVE a secret but I can’t tell ya what it is.

I can’t even tell Hubs all of the details.  After the little bit I did tell him I said “Now remember you can’t tell ANYONE!”. He said “YOU can’t tell anyone but I can”. 

Nice to know he has my back.

One of the first things the “owner” of the secret said was “Now whatever you do, don’t post it on the internet”. 


So here I am, NOT posting it on the internet and its killing me.

I am pretty sure I can share some of it in a week or so and then it will be   2/7/10  awhile before I can tell you all the details and share pictures of the secret in process.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It has always been one of those things that we didn’t need to worry about right now.

It was several years away. Then it was just years away. Now it is only months away.

It = High School.  God Help Me.

The way it works here, as I am assuming it is in most places, your public high school is determined by where you live.

When we bought our house 2.5 years ago we didn’t give it much thought.  We were SURE Noodle would go to Catholic High School. Then it was a matter of which one.

Her original choice of the all girls one isn’t so appealing TO HER anymore, since you know, there would be no boys there.  Hubs still thinks its a swell idea other than the fact that it is beaucoup expensive.

There are 2 other cath0lic high schools that are somewhat an option.  One would take us at least an hour each way to get to and from. 

The other is much closer but doesn’t have as much to offer.

The public school by us is brand new state of the art this year.

This made public school more and more appealing to me and honestly the thought of not paying tuition anymore does make me all warm and fuzzy inside. 

I am pretty sure the far away school is off of our radar.

So that leaves us with not much to offer cath0lic vs. public.

I toss and turn every night worrying about it. Hubs who was so anti-cath0lic to start with is now “Its the only way to go”. And I, who begged and pleaded until I was blue in the face to “Please just give it (cath0lic) a try”,  am leaning more towards public.

For every pro there is a con.

For every con there is a pro.

(My biggest fear is starting her in cath0lic and then not being able to afford the subsequent years).

I guess it is fair to say at this point we are still up in the air over it. She will take the entrance exams for the cath0lic ones in January. I guess we will make our decision then.


Its A ???

Meet the newest member of the Casa de Mar clan.


myrtle nov 09 024 This is Myrtle. As in Myrtle the Turtle. But Myrtle is actually a African Sulcata Tortoise.

myrtle nov 09 022 As you can see, Myrtle is just a wee bitty right now. That 59.5? Is grams. Which is about 1/3 of a pound.

Full grown? She can get up to about 100 pounds. One of us didn’t think this whole owning a tortoise thing out very well. We will be able to determine if Myrtle is indeed a Myrtle and not a Mort, in another 3 or 4 years.

Noodle has promised, promised, promised to take Myrtle to college with her. I am so holding her to it.

myrtle nov 09 003 Please excuse her dirty feet, walking through your food is all the rage around here these days.


myrtle nov 09 021 I caught her in mid-bite, don’t let her fool you she is the sweetest little thing you have ever seen.

Eventually, the plan is that I will get my laundry room counter back and Myrtle will live in the backyard and eat all of the plants and soak up the rays.

 myrtle nov 09 025

I Couldn’t Ask For Anything More.

Thursday and Friday were half days at school for parent teacher conferences.


My girl is adjusting well. Her grades are good and she is happy. What more can we ask for?


Noodle’s teacher asked me towards the end of the conference if she was an “only”. I said  “She sure is”.  Then her teacher said “She sure doesn’t act like one”.

My heart swelled.  It was the nicest compliment I have gotten in a very long time. 


dump oct 09 143 

Who am I kidding? My heart swells every time I look at her.

Bank of Mar

Somedays I wish I was as tough as I think that I am.

I had at guy who was doing some work (painting our sign) at the shop.

Last week when he started the project I gave him a personal check for a down payment / to buy the supplies he needed.

Today he brough the sign back and hung it up and all was good.

I gave him a business check. He asked me where the bank it was written on was. (Right around the corner).

He apparently walked to the bank to cash the check and came back with a receipt in his hand and told me I owed him $5.00.

I asked him why. That is what it costs to cash a check where you don’t have an account I guess.

He told me he “ate” the $6.00 that it cost him to cash the personnal check. (But if could find the receipt for that he would have brought it in to show me).

I was trying to help a customer and just didn’t want the fight. I gave him the $5.00.

But why is it my problem that he doesn’t have an account where he can deposit a check? Shouldn’t he be able to deposit it and then withdrawl the cash?

If I paid him in full the contract price was it really my responsiblity to add “bank fees” to it?  Not one time did he request cash for payment.

He left me some cards to pass out to my friends. Cause I know so many people who need a commericial sign painter.

He told me “Word of mouth is the best advertising”.

So when I get thirsty from speaking of his business should I send him a bill for my beverage to keep me from getting parched?

I threw them in the trash. He does not want me to advertise for him. I can guarantee you that.


Bah Humbug.

I should have known when Hubs woke me up yesterday at 6:30 and asked me when Urgent Care* opened that things weren’t going to go as planned.

Friends were supposed to come over for our annual pumpkin carving par-tay. Didn’t happen.

More friends were supposed to come over later (who couldn’t make it for pumpkin carving). Didn’t happen.

We were invited to go and hang out at the Mama B house. Didn’t happen.

To say I was disappointed would be a huge understatement.

I was looking forward to seeing friends we hadn’t seen for awhile.

Instead my girl went trick-or-treating with the neighbors.

halloween 002

After they had their fill of begging for collecting candy they settled in and watched a movie.

While she was out and about Hubs was deep in a drug induced sleep. I sat outside and passed out candy until it was gone.

Because sitting on the couch watching t.v. all alone on a Saturday night wasn’t fun enough, I did laundry.

Damn, let the good times roll.

Today, we were supposed to go and see the baby girls in their Halloween costumes. Hubs bowed out but Noodle and I were going to go. After texts from both baby mama’s asking if we were feeling ok, I backed out of the invite. Noodle and I are (knock on wood) feeling fine but I would feel horrible if either of the girls or anyone else for that matter got sick from germs we brought with us.  So with nothing else do to the laundry continues.

Tomorrow should have been my day off but alas that isn’t going to happen either.  Bossman’s wife is sick so for him to pick up the slack with that, it means I will pick up the slack at the shop. Its ok, I am sure I will have all my laundry done by then.

But my frown turned upside down when I was downloading pictures from last night and found this one:


halloween 001 The cuteness. I can’t stand it.

Fab-O, Hubs and Pom-Pom.


*Hubs has a pretty bad case of the flu, along with an upper respiratory infection as added dose of crap. I know, I know laundry doesn’t sound quite so bad compared to that!