Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

I have been whining at the Hubs for a few weeks now that I wanted to take our comforter to the laundry mat and wash it.  I am not cool enough to have one of those fancy front loader washers so the laundry mat it is.

I should be embarassed to tell you how long it has been since it has been washed, but with the story I am about to tell whats 2 years between friends?

I had never been to this particular laundry mat before so I called a friend who told me where it was once before just to make sure I knew where I was going.  She explained which shopping center it was in and that it was all the way at the end of the row.

I pull into said shopping center and follow it all the way to the end just like she told me. I looked in the window of the end store and there was a row of about 10 washing machines. 

I grabbed my laundry basket with my comforter in it and the container of soap I brought (I brought enough for one load so I wouldn’t have to carry the big ass bottle with me, smart thinking hu? Just wait!) and into the store I went.

I was surprised it was rather empty but thought Wow lucky me! I set down my basket and opened a washer. That is when I looked around a little closer.

I was not in a laundry mat. I was in a mom and pop appliance store!  I grabbed my stuff as fast as I could and ran across the parking to my truck.

I am sure whoever was in the store got a great laugh at my expense.

Once I found the laundry mat,  (All the way at the end of the center and around the corner at the OTHER end of the strip mall) and was a normal flesh tone color again I was ready to try again.

I found the great big front loaders, which there were 2.  Looked to see how much they were and lugged my crap back up to the front of the store with me to get change from the machine. Lug my crap back to the machines. One was being used so I used  the other. I shoved the comforter into the machine, dumped in my laundry soap (remember I only brought just enough) in the machine and tried to add my quarters. It would not take them no matter how hard I tried to shove them in.

Out came the comforter, back to the front of the store to buy more quarters so I could buy more laundry soap. 

Back to the back of the store to wait for the lady using the other big ass front loader to be done.

As I was sitting waiting someone came up to use the other one and I told them “I think it is broken”. So then they had to use 2 small machines just down the way.

Once the lady using the other machine was done, I finally got my comforter going. Turns out the other machine worked just fine, it was operator error.

All today did was confirm that the $20.00 a week I pay Noodle to do laundry? Worth every damn penny and then some.

The Day In Pictures

Christmas Eve…

christmas 09 002 What happened to my baby??

christmas 09 005  christmas 09 006 The closest thing to a family picture that we got.


christmas 09 016 Aye Aye Captain!


christmas 09 013 The Home Alone Look!

christmas 09 029 Who would have thought that this little piece of plastic could lead to this…


christmas 09 026 christmas 09 027 Donald Duck is a nightlight that we always used at Grandma’s house. I brought it home with me in March. When my brother asked me about it, I told him I didn’t remember seeing it when we were there and no one said anything else about it. It made him burst into tears, which then made me do the same. (I am laughing at him through my own tears in the picture). When I looked over my mom and dad were also both wiping away tears. I won the best present of the year award.

Christmas morn…


christmas 09 031

christmas 09 037 What I wouldn’t do for that smile.

christmas 09 047 christmas 09 051


christmas 09 053 I am pretty sure she is in exactly the same spot 12 hours later. 

Spuds In A Whole New Light

It started with me forwarding a not very appropriate text message picture of Mr. Potato Head.

This is the text conversation that followed:

Her – You are twisted. But I love you to pieces

Me – Mama B started it.

Her- Hubs (hers) didn’t appreciate mr. tato head

Me –  He would have if it was Mrs. (tato head) on a set of bubbies

Her – Would those be called tater tits? Or Spud buds?

Me – I guess it would depend on their size

Her – I guess mine would be loaded and twice baked

Me – So that makes mine grandma’s lumpy mashed literally and figuratively.

My apologies to those who will never be able to look at potatos the same way ever again.

I miss her so.

Some Habits Are Hard To Break.

Milligan 042

From the time I moved out and went away to college my mom always told me if you only send one Christmas card this year, make sure you send it to Grandma and send it early.

Grandma loved mail.

The thought of sending Christmas cards this year and not sending one to her was just about more than I could  think about.

So I sent one.

To the people who live there now.

I included a letter to let them know who I was and to wish them all the happiness that my family shared in that little white house.

I think I just might send one next year too.

Look what came in the mail….


blog 001


blog 002


blog 003 My blog buddy Vixen made these cuter than cute towels just for me. She usually makes aprons, and ventured out into the world of hand towels to match the aprons.  I love them!  They usually only come in white, but because she loves me so she ventured out into the hell that is black friday to see what other color she could find for me. Although the white ones are lovely, I am a snot and didn’t want anything that anyone else had I was afraid that they would get dirty to fast so she found these red ones that match perfectly.

They make me smile everytime I see them.