Say Cheese.


Have you ever wondered how well a ph0t0 radar ticket turns out?


No need to wonder anymore.


tic 001

Your welcome.

I can make excuses all day long about why I got it. Yes! I was speeding and deserved to have gotten it. The stupid things are even set for 11 MPH over the speed limit. I was going 56 in a 45. Yup my friends, ELEVEN over is what I was doing.


It is an intersection that we NEVER go through. On this fine day (on our way home from church no less) there was a football game at the stadium and I was too impatient obviously to fight traffic so we went a different way. See, being a creature of habit does have its reasons.

Now my options are just pay it, fight it in court or go to traffic school.  None sound any more appealing than the other to me.

The part that really pisses me off is I am the queen of getting pulled over (I know that is nothing I should be proud of) and walking away scott free. With this one there is no one to even bat my eyes at to try to work my magic on.

(One time I got pulled over and ended up with the police officer giving me a certificate for a one pound box of chocolate from my favorite candy store.  Sometimes I even amaze myself).


tootsie 008

This is Tootsie. Tootsie belongs to my MIL. On occasion I we get to turtle sit.  MIL was going out of town for a week or so and asked Hubs to watch her. Hubs happily agreed that I we would watch her.  I knew when we went to pick her up and MIL handed Hubs money  that something was up. She was very sorry but she who DOES NOT WORK  didn’t have time to go to the store and get Tootsie food.  See, its not just a matter of going to buy the food, its also the washing of the food and cutting it up and the list goes on and on. Hubs of course said it wasn’t a problem Mar he would be happy to stop at the store and get what Tootsie wanted needed.  She loves kale, cantaloupe, and grapes are by far her favorite.

tootsie 012

tootsie 028 Its a good thing she is so cute.  I don’t even cut up fruits and veggies for Noodle!


The pictures make her look HUGE to me. But then again when MIL first got Tootsie (I think she must be about 10 or 12 years old now) she was about the size of half of a ping pong ball.

Always On My Mind

fr erv 012


One year ago today  you left us.

On Eagles Wings  makes me think of you and bawl like a baby.

You are missed. So, so missed.

I take out your Holy Card often and try to remember you are where you belong.



c. 1940.  My grandpa (back row 3rd from left) with his siblings and parents. Fr. E  is the little guy in the middle. 5 years later he went to the Seminary. They would never all be together again, until one year ago today.



John 14:1-7.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God  trust also in me. My Father’s house has plenty of room; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.  You know the way to the place where I am going.”

Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  If you really know me, you will know  my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”


fr erv 013

Kinda Like Beer Goggles.

Who knew Bendaroos were fun for all ages?


bendos 002


bendos 003


bendos 006 As God is my witness, we were sober and no one held a gun to Hubs head to make him put them on.


Not for long though…

bendos 007 

bendos 009 Sadly, all good times must come to an end. Had he not gotten there first I am sure someone else would have tried it out.

In Which You Will Think I Am A Bitch

Last night we had a little shin-dig at Casa de Mar.  Hubs wanted his friends to come over and watch the race and get drunk hang out. 

No biggie, I am always up for a good time. 

My “issue” is that they NEVER offer to bring anything.  Honestly, I never plan a meal around what others say they are going to bring because I am always worried someone won’t show up and we won’t have enough food. I just don’t get it. If they were single men (although the one who does always ask / offer is 19 or 20 and not married) I think I would be more understanding. Maybe. I would NEVER* think to show up anywhere empty handed.

Last night I was shocked that J&A showed up with two pies.  (As a side note, who in the hell brings rhubarb pie with them? Besides my grandma?).  Besides the two pies they brought their kids. Their kids who ate me out of house and home.  They ate food out of the pantry that was not offered to them and I caught them on more than one digging through the fridge in the house.  When I asked the oldest one what he was looking for his mom said “Oh he just does that”. WTF?  At someone else’s house? Everyone knows all of the drinks at our house are in the garage fridge so its not like he was looking for a drink. I think he was just shopping.

E&T also came and brought their boys. And a friend along for each boy. (They are teenagers, its not like they can’t entertain themselves for one evening). Really not a big deal BUT they all ate like they haven’t eaten in years.  They didn’t bring a thing. Not a chip, not a bun, not even a beer! 

Whatever. After a  few dozen banana daiquiris and I didn’t much care anymore.

Until they went home.

J&A packed up the pies that they had brought and took them home with them. 

A short recap – I would NEVER show up empty handed NOR would I EVER think to take home what I had brought with me. I would simply move what was left over off of my container /plate and take that home with me yes, but never, ever, ever would think to take my left overs home.

I was dumbfounded. After they left I told Hubs what they did. He too, was surprised.  Then he stumbledwalked around looking for the pies to make sure I wasn’t making stuff up.  Iwas sure he was going to say something about how we never would have eaten the pies anyway, again Rhubarb?, but I think he finally realized how rude un proper it was.

Maybe its just me.  Is it?

*There are few exceptions to this rule – visiting from out of town? You get a free pass in my book. Or in some cases a birthday party, although I would still ask if I could bring something.

The Story Behind The Picture.

This is how it started…  Names changed to protect the innocent us.

I sent this text message:

Dear Thelma,

Will you run away with me?

Love, Louise.

“Thelma” text me back and said her hubby just told her he had enough life insurance to buy a coffin and bury him. She said something about it being too expensive and she was just going to use the burn barrel.

(Maybe we should have been MaryAnn and Wanda!)

I told her it was a great idea and a zip lock bag was much cheaper than a coffin. 

“Thelma” wanted to know what size zip lock I thought she should buy.

I told her “A gallon size one should be plenty big. We have Hubs dad in a box about half the size of a shoe box so I think a gallon would work”.

“Thelma” text back “WHAT??”.

I called her then and explained that we have “Pops” at our house.

She told me she could never stay with us if she came to visit because it kinda creaped her out.

Most people don’t even know what / who it is when they see the box.

Later I was telling Hubs about it and he asked me if I had seen Pops lately.  I was sure he was in the downstairs bedroom closet and Hubs was sure he was upstairs in a closet. I went and looked where I thought he was and Hubs looked where he though he was. Then Noodle wanted to know what we were looking for.

Turns out he was right where I thought he was. Someone had just laid some papers on top of him and we didn’t see him on our first look.

“Thelma” –

I promise if you come to visit I will make sure Pops goes to visit someone else while you are here.

Love, Louise

(I am  not trying to make fun of anyone nor joke about someone being cremated. It was Pops wish so it is what we did. It took me awhile to get used to “him being there as well”).