100 Things

  1. My birthday is July 7th. I was 7lbs. 7oz, 7 is my lucky number
  2. The Hubs and I met working at Taco Bell
  3. We have one daughter
  4. I wish we had more kids
  5. I would like to adopt one day
  6. We have 2 black labs
  7. I have watched Young and The Restless since I was in 6th grade
  8. I love Pepsi, but hate Coke
  9. I drive a great big truck and love it
  10. I am scared of heights
  11. I hate to fold socks
  12. I love to scrapbook
  13. I spend way to much money on scrapbooking and not enough time
  14. I love Macaroni and Cheese, only the blue box though
  15. I like to go camping
  16. I work at an antique store
  17. I am a pack rat
  18. I just love stuff
  19. My best friend moved in October and I miss her more everyday
  20. I love the beach
  21. I have lived in Germany
  22. We travel out of the country once a year for Hubs job
  23. I love his job way more than he does
  24. I hate to leave my girl when we go away
  25. It makes coming home the best feeling in the world knowing she is waiting for us
  26. I love Mexican food and would eat it everyday
  27. I take tons of pictures
  28. We need a bigger house bought a bigger house
  29. I love our house though miss my little house terribly
  30. My dogs think they are people
  31. My girl looks just like me
  32. I kill houseplants without trying
  33. I love to check the mail
  34. I hate it when bills are the only thing in the mail
  35. I would love to live in a small town
  36. I like everything done my way
  37. I am a smartass
  38. Somedays I wish I wasn’t
  39. I have a very short temper and throw things when I am mad
  40. I don’t like it when I do this
  41. I love to sleep
  42. I hate mean people
  43. I love to watch baseball and have been to 2 World Series Games
  44. If someone told me when I was younger some of the things I would be lucky enough to do, I would have never believed them
  45. I am the youngest of 7 grandkids on my dads side
  46. I am the 4 oldest of of 25 grandkids on my moms side
  47. I had the first great grandchild on my moms side
  48. It makes me sad my girl doesn’t have any first cousins
  49. I have the best bosses
  50. I leave shoes all over the house
  51. So does my girl
  52. Not only does she look like me, she acts like me
  53. Don’t tell her I said that, it makes her mad
  54. I completely understand
  55. I love Target
  56. I am 13 months older than the Hubs
  57. I love to stay in my pajamas all day
  58. I still sleep with my blankie
  59. I was in band in high school
  60. I really loved it
  61. I love reality t.v.
  62. Famous people come shopping at my work
  63. I HATE going to the dentist am getting better about going to the dentist.
  64. I love rides that spin in cirlces, the faster the better
  65. I have a very hard time telling people No if they ask me to do something
  66. We love us some Nascar at our house
  67. I don’t like to feel like anyone is mad at me
  68. My college roommate and I were put on “Dorm Suspension” for hiding a cat in our room
  69.  I am half Irish and half German
  70. I have broken both of my arms twice, not at the same time though, thank goodness
  71. I am a list maker
  72. I had braces for 8 long years
  73. I have laundry to do and am trying to finish this to put it off a little longer
  74. I have one older borther, we are nothing alike
  75. I am 3/4th of the way done.
  76. I love to read
  77. I love 80’s music
  78. I don’t like to do dishes
  79. I hate the polish on my toes right now but am too lazy to do anything about it
  80. I love grocery shopping
  81. I love to read
  82. I have a head full of useless knowledge
  83. I firmly believe you get what you pay for
  84. I am a creature of habit
  85. I spend way to much money on my hair
  86. I am allergic to cats
  87. I grew up an Air Force brat
  88. I have a shoe fetish
  89. I watch the Food Network more than one person should
  90. I love Tivo and don’t know how we lived without it
  91. I love yummy smelling candles, current fav:Black Cherry  Cool Silk Gold Canyon
  92. I can’t believe I am still not done with us
  93. We send Noodle to Cath0lic school, and am very pround of this
  94. I don’t remember what my “real” hair color is
  95. I love Oreo cookies
  96. It has taken me 8 months to get this far
  97. Lots of these have changed in that time
  98. It is way past my bedtime
  99. I am almost to 100!
  100. Yippee! I am done. Now I have to go back and fix the ones that are no longer correct. Uugh.

2 comments on “100 Things

  1. Anonymous says:


    Google is the best search engine…

  2. Nevis says:

    I HATE going to the dentist, too.

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