Picky McPicky Pants

My girl is picky with a capitol P.I.C.K.Y. She does not eat meat. She does not eat fruit. She does not eat veggies. She is pretty much a walking carb.

This morning though?? While she was making her very own lunch, she made herself a lunch-meat sandwich. Did you see what I said?  A sandwich with MEAT on it!! And she did it on her own.  Now we will just have to see if she really ate it.

I used to get upset and worry and try and force her to eat things. I was at my wits end and then her pediatrician told me to just leave her alone. So leave her alone I did. Until a night last week. We were having a mid-western girls dream dinner. Steak, potatoes and corn. I put 6 measly corn kernels on Noodle’s plate. Then I slathered them with butter and salt. I asked her to try it sure that if she were truly of my flesh and blood would she would love it. She picked it apart, moved it all around her plate, put one kernel on her fork, smelled it. I said just try it. As the corn got closer and closer to her mouth she began to dry heave. That was as far as we got. You would have thought I was feeding her dog turds. I have never claimed to be a world class chef , but I am an Iowa girl born and bred, not even I could screw up sweet corn.

I remember many a night sitting at the supper table long after everyone else was done staring at a cold lump of whatever it was I didn’t want to eat stared back at me. Have you ever had green beans for breakfast? I wouldn’t recommend them.

 I can’t really hide one food in another (i.e. veggies in meat loaf) as she is way to smart for that and well so picky that I probably couldn’t come up with 2 foods to mix together if I tried.

 Are you or your kids picky eaters? Any suggestions to get my kid to eat something other than Capt Crunch or Easy Mac??


Dear Lady in the Little White Car,

Why is it ok for you to pull out in front of me and cause me to slam on my brakes, but when the man in the big red truck does it to you, you get to honk your horn and flip him the bird??

Just wondering,



 Dear Lady with the Purple Hair,

It is great that you are trying to better your life by attending the local job fair. I do not think the way to be remembered is for the fact that your hair is the same color as your outfit. It kind of made you look like a California Raisin.

A member of the fashion patrol,



Dear Bossman,

I am very sorry that all I did today was complain that it was hot. I realize that you were in the same sweltering hell place I was and you were equally as warm. But it was hot and the A/C guy never showed up to fix it.

Your favorite sweat ball who really needs a raise ,



To my new BFF,

Thank you for the phone call Saturday that rocked our world. If you decide you have any more money you want to give us feel free to call back at any time. You have my number.

Thanks again!


My Buddy


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Happy Birthday Little Mister. I miss you so much. I can’t wait to see you this weekend. Be a good boy on the airplane and I will see you on Friday.

I love you,
Auntie Mar

Cooking With Mar

I come from a long line of great cooks. The line comes to a halt when it gets to me. There are a few things I make well and everything else passes as a meal most days.

We eat out every single day at work. Every once in awhile I get tired of it and think I am going to make my lunch. Now, I don’t have enough time or energy to make my lunch at home but we do have a full size fridge at work so that helps. A day last week I brought a loaf of bread with me knowing there was a jar of peanut butter there and package of tuna fish.

Weds. I opened the jar of peanut butter it was almost gone. I looked at the label, it expired in April. I smelled it. Yeah, it smelled a little different. I tasted it. It wasn’t too bad. I made the bossman and I both sandwiches. We both spent the rest of the afternoon tasting rancid peanuts.

Thursday I made tuna fish sandwiches. They tasted great. (Not real hard to mess up I know). Well not thinking I threw the empty package in the back room trashcan. Have I ever told you that our back room has no A/C? Do you know what an empty tuna fish package smells like after sitting in a trash can in a room that is about 95 degrees for 18 hours? I do now, and let me tell you not so pleasant.

Tomorrow it is back to eating out. At least when that tastes bad I have someone else to blame.

I Promise To Tuck My Shirt In

If you  someone you knew had to go to largely attended (casual) function tonight, and you  someone  you knew had to get up in front of everyone and say a little something something and introduce a few other people would you mind if I  someone you know showed up in shorts and a t-shirt? It is hot here  where someone you know lives today and everyone else will also being wearing shorts and t-shirts. I  Someone you know brought clothes to change into but they are having second thoughts. Wouldn’t you rather see me someone for who they really are than trying to be something they are not ? Please say yes, not only will be it make me  someone you know feel better, it will also keep down my  someone’s big-o-pile-o-laundry.