My Heart Skipped A Beat

 If there was any doubt Noodle was switched at the hospital, those worries can be put to rest.

Tonight on our way home I could hear a familiar song blaring out of her ear buds. She put a bunch of songs on her Ipod a few days ago and I hadn’t looked to see what they were. (Fear not, my girl knows better than to put a bunch of crap we don’t approve of on it, it would be the first and last time it ever happened!).

My girl, all on her own put DEF LEPPARD on her Ipod.  SWEET!

The bigger the hair, the better the band is my motto.

What they say is true my friends, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Weekend Review

  • Friday morning as I was minding my own business someone came up to me to let me know something they heard that they thought I should know. (And I thought I kissed Junior High goodbye long ago)  I was dumbfounded. After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I got pissed. Then I laughed about it. Then I sobbed hysterically about it.  I am trying to figure out the best way to get to the bottom of it. It is NOT going to be pretty mark my words.  When it comes to this, you best back off cause I will take you down.  (Quite possibly there will be a post about this all on its own later).
  • Friday night we went to dinner with the BFF family. I am thankful to say that I think things are improving and we had a good time. It may have been the endless drinks the nice waiter kept bringing me from the bar, but from what I remember it was a nice evening.
  • Saturday came way too early and it was a long work day (10:00 -10:00), fortunately those are few and far between.
  • Sunday we were supposed to go over to BFF’s parents but there was a change in plans and everyone ended up at our house.  This resulted in a mad dash to do a 10 second tidy and a quick run to the grocery store. Then of course we watched the FAB football game. The Cardinals going to the Super Bowl? Who woulda thunk.
  • On a side note, I am addicted to Facebook and am trying to figure out the mobile part of it all. I am just to stubborn to ask anyone for help, lest I have to admit my addiction  because really how hard can it be.
  • Real post coming soon. Pinkie swear!

Blog Fodder

  • Sunday I along with Noodle and 2 of my friends went to see Marley and Me. As I was buying our tickets the cashier asked me if we had already seen the movie. I don’t know about you but paying that kind of money to see a movie twice, in the theatre? I think not. Noodle looked at her like she had 3 heads. Yes, all of us did the big ugly cry. You know the one where you have a hard time catching your breath.


  • Monday I needed to make a quickish run to the grocery store.  It was my day off and I was wearing sweats and an old Podunk t-shirt. I walked into the store and the elderly greeter man wanted to know if it was Podunk Iowa (of course it took me a minute to figure out how he knew that was where we are from, duh!). Turns out he is from even Podunkier. My quick trip turned into an additional 20 minute walk down memory lane with Bob. Bob who as I was walking away asked me if I was a snowbird? Me thinks Bob might need new glasses. Why don’t you live in Podunk anymore you ask? Because today it is -10 (without the wind chill) there and 70 here.  Ahem.


  • I had a meeting last night that only certain people were supposed to be at. As I stood there waiting more and more people who I knew should not be there starting showing up and the steam started coming out of my ears. To make matters worse the one person who had to be at the meeting for us to even have the meeting The steam turned into flames.  The only good thing was that the “extras” had to go home and didn’t get to stir the pot as they were hoping to do.


  • I may have had some of the best Mexican food for lunch today that I have ever had. Other than this placeof course, which is by far the best food ever, but I for one can’t just jaunt down to Puerto Vallarta every time I get a craving for a taco. The only bad thing about it? The people who own it are a complete thorn in my side (see flames in above bullet). I have on more than one occasion laid down on the floor of my truck to avoid them when I saw them coming my way. I sent Bossman to pick it up today. I just may be a sell-out.
  • My grandma and her 2 sisters who ARE snowbirds are coming to visit and will be here for about 3 weeks.  Our ski trip is while they are here which really isn’t a huge deal because they will be here so long. My mom’s sisters decided they would like to come for a long weekend while Grandma was here (-10 below, can you blame them?). Guess what weekend they are coming? Of course its the weekend we will be gone. I have the best timing evah.


  • Earlier today we had 3 young Japanese tourist in the store. They are so funny. They love to joke with you and practice their English.  You can’t help but smile. I had a roommate in college who was an exchange student from Japan that carried a notebook around with her to write down American “slang” words when she heard them so she could “learn to sound like us”.  She had a heart of gold and I wonder where she ended up.
  • My BFF who really isn’t my BFF anymore,oh hell I don’t really know what to call her these days, friend is coming home this weekend.  They of course expect everyone to stop what they are doing and be at their beck and call. I am not sure how I really feel about them coming home. On one hand I can’t wait to see them but on the other not so much. I told Hubs we will not be changing any of our plans to accommodate them. We will see how tough I am when they actually show up.
  • When will I ever learn not to answer my cell phone when I don’t recognize the number? It appears never.

Team Player

So my  bloggy buddy  seems to have had a bad day. I just want her to know that I have a cold one waiting with her name on it whenever she is ready. But what kind of a friend would I be to make her drink alone? Not a very good one so I went ahead and put my name on one as well. Its the least I could do :).




Say Cheese.

2008 xmas 038 Believe it or not, she was thrilled! She is going to have a great poker face someday.


2008 xmas 057 The “big” kids  2008 xmas 080 The “little” kids

Somewhere there is a picture of the two big girls laying side by side just like the little girls. They are just about the same age apart. Baby M is baby sister to the lone boy and Baby J is baby sister to Noodle’s long lost twin.  Noodle is just a little butt hurt she doesn’t have a baby sister as well.


2008 xmas 054Just because. Some day when her mama isn’t looking I am going to steal her and eat her for dinner.


  2008 xmas 089 New Year’s Eve / Day? The kiddos doing “poppers” out front. They are the closest things to fireworks we can have. Poor deprived children.

Nothin’ Really

So, its been awhile. I really had no intention of staying away, I guess life just kind of got in the way.  We had a busy holiday season full of lots of laughter (and some tears truth be told) and by the time December 2009 rolls around, I just might look forward to doing it all again.

I was hoping that our time away from Most Holy Dollar would allow some time for everyone (me included) to pull their heads out of their you know whats and we would be able to start the new year off fresh.  Doesn’t seem to be the case.  It is going to take a lot of soul searching to try to figure out what to do next. If it was just me, it wouldn’t get another second of my time, but my decision may effect my girl in a big way and that is enough to make me hyperventilate.

Speaking of my girl she has a birthday fast approaching. A BIG birthday! Dear God, I am going to have a teenager! (Woot! I did get carded buying a beer at the hockey game a week or so ago and just about climbed over the counter and kissed the lady when she said “Honey, I never would have guessed!) I asked Noodle  this morning on our way to school what she would like to do. She wants to go skiing. She loves it, we are less than graceful to put it mildly. Anyway, she wants to take her friend C.  When she told me that, I just about drove off the road. Noodle and C together turn into the clumsiest people I have ever seen. I called C’s mama to tell her and we were both laughing so hard by the time I finished telling her I think we were both about to pee our pants.  If she doesn’t change her mind 100 times between now and then I can guarantee you side splitting video to come.

Hubs and I are also going on a ski trip. A free ski trip at that!! Hubs is very good at his job and wins trips for us on a fairly regular basis. Usually they are a predetermined date so you go when they say you go. This time we get to pick our dates which is why we have had all the info laying on the counter for months now trying to decide when we should go.  I finally decided when I was going, if it doesn’t work for him I guess I will just get the bed to myself :). 

I do have pictures to share but our router at home is only working when it wants to these days, which is any time that I don’t need it to, so I haven’t uploaded any of them yet. Soon I hope.

And now it is time to go home. Home through all of the Fiesta Bowl traffic that is right outside my door.