HS 003

As promised, pictures of the first day of high school. To say it was a bit rough (for the both of us) would be an understatement. I cried on and off all day just thinking about my baby being big. She is having a hard time adjusting to it all and it breaks my heart.

Noodle is just a small fish in a great big ocean and is learning to swim all over again. It will get better.

I must thank Mama B for talking me off my cliff several times yesterday. She reassured me that Noodle will be fine and we made decision that we thought would be best for Noodle.

And whoever you are Rose, thank you for asking my girl to sit with you at lunch.

Please cross your fingers that my girl comes out of her shell and makes friends soon, it would make her feel so much better and help her mama’s broken heart and puffy eyes.


 HS 004


P.S. Vixen , I wanted to take pictures on the porch but she would only agree to the backyard. I took what I could get. 


2 comments on “Freshman!

  1. Thelma says:

    Dear Noodle….

    There’s a little girl alllll the way across the country named Little T who asks me if my friend Mar’s daughter, Noodle, had a nice day at school. Now mind you, you just started school on Monday and Little T’s a little shaky with the whole time change and days of the week thing, but she started asking me last Saturday and she asks me in the morning if you had a nice day and I tell her it’s still the wee hours of the morning. When I pick her up in the afternoon she asks me if Noodle had a nice day today. I tell her what I know. Little T then told me she was starting at a brand new school in a brand new grade this year and she was scared because she didn’t know anyone and, as her big brown eyes filled up with tears, she told me Noodle is doing it, so can I. Noodle…just so you know, you, Mar and hubs are loved to and from the ends of the earth by the Thelma’s. We know you’re going to do a good job because you’re special. (Little T told me, but I knew that already).

    Mar…you are my rock, my soul and everything in between. Should Mama B not be able to talk you off the ledge, I’m the one down below with a box of Ziplocs and I will carry you in my purse until it’s my time to be double sealed.

    All my love,


  2. Vixen says:


    She looks wonderful. xoxoxo to her mommy.

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