Not As Smart As They Thought They Were

A day last week Noodle had a test at school. The morning of the test on the way to school she had her notebook out and was looking at it. I asked her what she was doing (I was pretty proud for a moment that my sweet baby was so responsible and cared so much about her grades) and she told me she was studying for her test. I asked her why she didn’t tell me she had a test because I would have helped her study the night before. She told me “Oh I didn’t study last night” .  I said “What?”. She instantly began back-peddling trying to fix what she had said.

Funny thing, her BFF M did the same thing and Mama B had the same reaction I did.

Noodle missed 8 out of 50. M missed 28.5 out of 50. Ouch.

I am not upset that Noodle missed 8, I am upset that she did not study. M got her cell phone taken away. I asked Noodle what she thought her punishment should be (Jumping on my soapbox for a minute, I spend way too much money on tuition for her not to try and did you know to get into the high school she wants to go to they start request transcripts from 6th grade, jumping down) her eyes welled up with tears and she said “Take away my Wii”. I know taking the phone away would have bothered her more, but with M not having her phone Noodle really has no one to call or text so in a way (that she hasn’t realized) she really did lose her phone as well.

As a funny side note M told Mama B “If we lived farther away from school like Noodle does I would have had more time to study”.  (We are about 25 minutes away and they are about 10 minutes away). Funny girl.

You Can’t Pick Your Family

BFF doesn’t call much after 5:00 ish. Little Mister and Bug keep her busy and they deserve her time after they have been at daycare all day.

The other night  my phone rang about 7:30 and it was her. We were eating dinner when the phone rang and I usually don’t answer the phone while we are eating but I saw it was her and worried something was wrong because it was later than usual for her to call.

BFF, Mr. BFF and the boys went on vacation last week with BBF’s parents. When they got home BFF sent pictures of the week to some people. Mr.BFF’s mom was one of them. She (Mr. BFF’s mom) called Mr.BFF in rage asking that BFF not send her pictures of the boys with her parents in them.

(On a side note, BFF and I grew up pretty much the same and so did our husbands. Our mother in laws are twins seperated at birth. Unfortunately no matter how hard BFF and I have tried our MIL’s don’t much care for us. BFF and I call each other often to vent to each other about MIL things because we both understand what the other is going through and Hubs and Mr. BFF hear enough of it I am sure. BFF and I are 99% of the time on the same page when it comes to dumb shit they have or have not done etc).

Mr. BFF told BFF he understood what his mom was saying and asked BFF not to send any more pictures to his mom of the boys with her parents. BFF’s parents aren’t hurting for a dime and Mr.BFF’s mom struggles to make ends meet. (Again the similarties in our parents are sometimes scary). It makes Mr. BFF’s mom jealous. BFF’s parents can afford to see the boys much more often than Mr. BFF’s mom.

BFF was livid. She could not believe her MIL would say such a thing. I have to say, I agree with the MIL. I didn’t come right out and tell BFF that but I don’t see why she can’t see why her MIL would be upset.

I try very hard not to even mention the things we do with my parents when we are with MIL or vise versa. For the most part my parents really don’t care, MIL on the other hand thinks every thing should be 50/50. You stopped at your mom’s house for 29 seconds? You better come to mine for 29.2 seconds.  It makes for some wonderful holidays let me just tell you.

Anyway, I understand BFF was trying to be nice and send the pictures, it also seems like a bit of a stab in the back (to her MIL) to me. Continue reading

The End

Last night my BFF’s  world came crashing down around her. When my phone rang last night and I saw it was her I was filled with panic. It was way to late for her to be calling “just because”. I am not sure I answered with a hello, I think it was a whats wrong.

As it is her story to tell, the details here will be few and far between for the time being. I am sure that most anyone with 2 brain cells can guess what happened.

We are broken hearted for her and the boys. Part of our struggle comes from not only the fact that she is my BFF, Mr. BFF would be Hubs BFF, if indeed boys had BFF’s. After I got off the phone with her I told Hubs the situation. By the time I was done telling him, he was wiping the tears away from his eyes. We are sad for us, but are devastated for BFF and if truth be told for Mr.BFF as well.

Hubs and I talked about it for a bit and then I told him with a stern voice “WE.ARE.NOT.PICKING.SIDES.”  When I finally turned off the t.v. at 3:00 a.m. this morning because prior to that I just couldn’t sleep, I must admit deep in my heart the lines were drawn. I keep telling myself there are 2 sides to every story. This one is just not going to end with a happily ever after.