Not My Favorite Way To Start A Sunday

Someone wanted to get up and going hiking this morning. Someone else agreed to go. The someone who agreed to go thought the other someone meant hiking the trail at the mountain less than a mile from our front door. Not the case. The someone who wanted to go wanted to drive 45 minutes across town to hike at a different mountain. Which meant the someone who really didn’t want to go in the first place had to get up even earlier than if we had gone to our very own mountain.


peak 002 This is the someone who really didn’t want to go.We were  about halfway up.



peak 003This is the someone who did.


peak 005 This is us at the top. See? One of us is definitely happier than the other one to be there. This was about 7:15 A freaking M on a Sunday morning.


peak 004 Someone forgot to take a picture of the “view” from the top so you get to see what I saw. Lots of rocks and cactus.

peak 006

If you really want the full effect stick your head in the oven while reading this. It will be just like you were there with us someone.


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