The Wheels On The Bus

Noodle couldn’t wait to ride the school bus. She started asking about them when she was about 3. We would tell her you can ride one when you are 5.  Well turns out she ended up at a school with no buses. That big truck parked out on my driveway? That was and still is her bus. I admit, at times I would wish I didn’t have to take her to school every single day.  Some days it got old real fast.

The best thing about the ride (about 30 – 40 mins each way) was that it pretty much forced her to talk to me. I knew what everyone had in their lunches and who had new shoes and whose dad was out of town. She told me everything. If another parent wanted to know something? They would call me if they couldn’t get it out of their own kid because they knew mine spilled the beans every time. Even as she got older she was still willing to share lots with me.

Those days? Are numbered. Literally.

3 more school days and my days as a bus driver are over.

Because next year she WILL be riding a real bus to school.



One comment on “The Wheels On The Bus

  1. Susan says:

    Damn. This made me cry. ‘Cause you know Lil T is headed for a whole new shebang soon. I will still have my hour long commute, but there will be nothing to go along with it. Breaks my heart into a million pieces.

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