She’s A Charmer

I don’t know why but my girl loves, loves, loves her some drag races. 


The boy we never had says Hubs.


Yesterday they were here and Hubs managed to get some tickets from one of his suppliers to go.


(Noodle wanted to know if they were in the suites because like, it is so loud there! IMG!)


Nope. Sorry kid you have to wear earplugs like the rest of um.


I was not there but this is the story I heard.


Hubs and Noodle were in the pit area and saw Tony Schumaker .  Apparently there was a group of people standing around and Tony told them all that he would not be signing any autographs until after his first run.  As they were walking away someone who works for his race team ran up and tapped Noodle on the shoulder. She said “He wants you to come back”.

drags 003

He told her “You looked so disappointed walking away, I didn’t want to ruin your day”.

By the looks of it,  he made her day!


(As a side note, they were sitting just feet from the accident  happened.)


3 comments on “She’s A Charmer

  1. Susan says:

    IMG…he’s hot and he drives the soldier boy car. *WOOT* Noodle!

  2. Vixen says:

    Holy moly, she must have looked real disappointed! But how great is it that he called her back and she has that picture! woo hoo

  3. Vixen says:

    Oh my jeebus, just clicked the accident link and about lost it. How awful and so scary. Chandler is where my brother used to live.

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