The Day In Pictures

Christmas Eve…

christmas 09 002 What happened to my baby??

christmas 09 005  christmas 09 006 The closest thing to a family picture that we got.


christmas 09 016 Aye Aye Captain!


christmas 09 013 The Home Alone Look!

christmas 09 029 Who would have thought that this little piece of plastic could lead to this…


christmas 09 026 christmas 09 027 Donald Duck is a nightlight that we always used at Grandma’s house. I brought it home with me in March. When my brother asked me about it, I told him I didn’t remember seeing it when we were there and no one said anything else about it. It made him burst into tears, which then made me do the same. (I am laughing at him through my own tears in the picture). When I looked over my mom and dad were also both wiping away tears. I won the best present of the year award.

Christmas morn…


christmas 09 031

christmas 09 037 What I wouldn’t do for that smile.

christmas 09 047 christmas 09 051


christmas 09 053 I am pretty sure she is in exactly the same spot 12 hours later. 


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