Spuds In A Whole New Light

It started with me forwarding a not very appropriate text message picture of Mr. Potato Head.

This is the text conversation that followed:

Her – You are twisted. But I love you to pieces

Me – Mama B started it.

Her- Hubs (hers) didn’t appreciate mr. tato head

Me –  He would have if it was Mrs. (tato head) on a set of bubbies

Her – Would those be called tater tits? Or Spud buds?

Me – I guess it would depend on their size

Her – I guess mine would be loaded and twice baked

Me – So that makes mine grandma’s lumpy mashed literally and figuratively.

My apologies to those who will never be able to look at potatos the same way ever again.

I miss her so.


One comment on “Spuds In A Whole New Light

  1. Susan says:

    And her misses you too. I guess this conversation would be considered starchy vs. snarky, huh? xoxo

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