Where Do We Go From Here?

It has always been one of those things that we didn’t need to worry about right now.

It was several years away. Then it was just years away. Now it is only months away.

It = High School.  God Help Me.

The way it works here, as I am assuming it is in most places, your public high school is determined by where you live.

When we bought our house 2.5 years ago we didn’t give it much thought.  We were SURE Noodle would go to Catholic High School. Then it was a matter of which one.

Her original choice of the all girls one isn’t so appealing TO HER anymore, since you know, there would be no boys there.  Hubs still thinks its a swell idea other than the fact that it is beaucoup expensive.

There are 2 other cath0lic high schools that are somewhat an option.  One would take us at least an hour each way to get to and from. 

The other is much closer but doesn’t have as much to offer.

The public school by us is brand new state of the art this year.

This made public school more and more appealing to me and honestly the thought of not paying tuition anymore does make me all warm and fuzzy inside. 

I am pretty sure the far away school is off of our radar.

So that leaves us with not much to offer cath0lic vs. public.

I toss and turn every night worrying about it. Hubs who was so anti-cath0lic to start with is now “Its the only way to go”. And I, who begged and pleaded until I was blue in the face to “Please just give it (cath0lic) a try”,  am leaning more towards public.

For every pro there is a con.

For every con there is a pro.

(My biggest fear is starting her in cath0lic and then not being able to afford the subsequent years).

I guess it is fair to say at this point we are still up in the air over it. She will take the entrance exams for the cath0lic ones in January. I guess we will make our decision then.



One comment on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Vixen says:

    That is a tough one. I would probably have to lean towards public since I never ended up being able to afford the private tuition at their Catholic school for high school years. Plus the fact that the good one is so far away.

    Also Myrtle is adorable. But how do you take a 100 lb turtle to college with you? There must be rules about that.

    Great flamingo shot too, btw.

    See how I got all my comments into one box? Magical, isn’t it?

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