Bank of Mar

Somedays I wish I was as tough as I think that I am.

I had at guy who was doing some work (painting our sign) at the shop.

Last week when he started the project I gave him a personal check for a down payment / to buy the supplies he needed.

Today he brough the sign back and hung it up and all was good.

I gave him a business check. He asked me where the bank it was written on was. (Right around the corner).

He apparently walked to the bank to cash the check and came back with a receipt in his hand and told me I owed him $5.00.

I asked him why. That is what it costs to cash a check where you don’t have an account I guess.

He told me he “ate” the $6.00 that it cost him to cash the personnal check. (But if could find the receipt for that he would have brought it in to show me).

I was trying to help a customer and just didn’t want the fight. I gave him the $5.00.

But why is it my problem that he doesn’t have an account where he can deposit a check? Shouldn’t he be able to deposit it and then withdrawl the cash?

If I paid him in full the contract price was it really my responsiblity to add “bank fees” to it?  Not one time did he request cash for payment.

He left me some cards to pass out to my friends. Cause I know so many people who need a commericial sign painter.

He told me “Word of mouth is the best advertising”.

So when I get thirsty from speaking of his business should I send him a bill for my beverage to keep me from getting parched?

I threw them in the trash. He does not want me to advertise for him. I can guarantee you that.


One comment on “Bank of Mar

  1. Vixen says:

    Someone once told me a million years ago, something along the lines that a satisfied customer will tell an average of three friends about your business, but piss a customer off and they will tell at least 20 friends.

    It’s true.

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