4 Blocks.

Hubs mother bought a house.

A house 4 freaking blocks away from us.

There has never been a lick of love lost between MIL and I so we know its not me that she wants to live by.

(I am, more so by default I think, the “favorite” of the significant others of her two boys, but if that is indeed the case I would hate to see how she treats the other one. Oh! Thats right… that is why we never see them because she treats them like crap).

From the time we bought our house all she could do was bitch and moan about how far away we were from everything and why would anyone want to live where we did. 

4 blocks isn’t much closer to any of the things we were so far away from. 

They get the keys some time this week.

Last week she was IN our house twice while we were not home.  As you can imagine did not sit well with me. In my opinion she should not come into our house when we are not home without a valid reason.

 One of the days she came by she called Hubs and told him that she had been to the house and did he know that I left the house with dirty dishes in the sink? 

It was the cereal bowl and spoon that Noodle had used when she ate breakfast.

Damn I am a horrible person. 

Did I mention its only 4 blocks away?


2 comments on “4 Blocks.

  1. Susan says:

    I would throw out a “Holy effin hockey sticks” but I won’t right now ’cause I know how you feel. Sort of. We had an issue with an, ahem, house guest who went through our dresser drawers when I wasn’t home one time. I even went as far as to have cable installed in their room, a basket of toiletries, more towels than a varsity swim team would need and bedside snacks, but yet this guest felt the need to plunder anyway. This is the part I take issue on your behalf and throw out the “holy effin hockey sticks”: “Last week she was IN our house twice while we were not home.” That’s sooooo not cool or called for. What did he think about it? I mean, I can understand feed the pets, water the plants, etc. when you head out east in 8 weeks or so, but when you’re at work or randomly walking the streets? That totally blows and I’d say someone needs to polish up a set and nip it now. Otherwise it has nowhere to go but sour. Fast.

    When we were looking to move to the midwest in our early days of wedded bliss, we looked at houses on a numbered street. I got past the fact it had red velvet rose patterned wall paper. What I couldn’t get past was when you backed out of the drive and turned left a the stop sign onto a named street that was r.i.g.h.t. there, so was his parents’ house. We’re still on the east coast and lurving it.

    xoxo see you soon.

  2. sarahbean says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooo

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