Word Travels Fast

You may or may not have noticed that we have been out of town. Noodle and I went to my beloved Podunk (and there abouts) for 9 glorious days.  We were there about 30 seconds when I sent Hubs a text begging him to pack our stuff and move right.now.  Its a different lifestyle entirely, one that I am 99% sure we could get to pretty quickly. (Other than the the freezing cold and snow up to your waist in the winter).


Our first day there I asked my aunt what was new in Podunk.  Her response… “Well we got a new stop sign”.  Serious as a heart attack.  Told ya it was small town.


iowa 09 192 Because it was so news worthy we stopped to take a picture by it.


iowa 09 197 From the stop sign we went to the cemetery  to check in on Grandpa and then out to see my aunt who works in town. This took about 10 minutes tops. We walked into her work and the 1st thing she said was “I hear you were taking pictures by the stop sign”.  Again – told ya it was small town.


iowa 09 199


One comment on “Word Travels Fast

  1. Vixen says:

    Snow or snow, I think you and I should both pack up our shit and move to Podunk. Together. The rest of the fam damilies can follow if they want to.

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