One Less Thing For Her Resume

My kid  got kicked out of the school play.

It seems she and M1 were the “lighting crew”.  The pain in the ass theatre teacher expected them to be at school from 6-9 PM every night the week of the play for practice. Mama B and I sent an email telling the teacher  they could only be there for a couple of hours this night and that night because of softball. It seems that they, according to the teachers response to our email, “Will not be able to learn their required duties within the given time parameters”. 

Their required duties?

Wait for it…….

Turning the lights off when the play starts and back on when it is over.

I pay a car payment small fortune every month in tuition, you would think the least they could do would be to teach them to turn a light on and off.

I hope this doesn’t scar her for life.


2 comments on “One Less Thing For Her Resume

  1. sarahbean says:

    wow. they pretty much suck huh!?

  2. Susan says:

    At least you know she can beat a theater kid swiftly about the head and neck with a bat if she should ever need to. Not advocating, simply stating.

    This will lift her spirits: East coast folks head west soon. Okay, maybe not hers, but certainly mine. On the bath thing, tell her that one can also beat a dead horse with a bat. Or keystrokes, in my case.

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