Helpful Hints

My grandma’s middle name  should have been frugal.  Feel free to use any of the follow tips to help you pinch pennies at your own home.

  • She always saves the rubber band off the newspaper and gives them back to the paper boy when he comes to collect $$.
  • This would be the same newspaper she shares with the neighbor. When she is done reading she just takes it over and slips it into the neighbors mail box.
  • The paper (its about 6 pages) used to have a word search in it everyday. Because they shared, they would cut it out every other day to do it. Of course you never marked the words out, you put a small pencil dot next to the word in the list so someone else could enjoy it as well.
  • She could spot a pop can from a mile away and was never to proud to pull the car over and pick one up.
  • On the rare occasion an overnight stay at a hotel was required she always took the shower caps. Not to use on her hair, but because they made great covers for bowls in the refrigerator.
  • The garbage can is also shared with a neighbor. And if it isn’t full? She calls and tells the city not to pick it up.
  • A piece of Trident or Dentyne gum can be split 3 ways, much  to the dismay of the 3 waiting grandchildren. 
  • If there is water left in a glass, DO NOT dump it out, it can be used to water a plant.
  • Time left on the microwave? Don’t waste it, heat up a cup of water.
  • I think she owns bread bags older than me that she washes out after every use and hangs them on the clothes line to dry so she can use them over (and over and over and over) again.

                      “Use It Up,Use It  Out, Make It Over, Do Without”


One comment on “Helpful Hints

  1. sarahbean says:

    hee thats sweet. except i’m confused about using up time left on the microwave. the rest? make perfect sense lol.

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