Home Is Where Your Heart Is

We have been home since Tuesday afternoon. I keep coming here trying to write about it all but I guess I am just not ready for it yet. How about a few pictures in the mean time?


Milligan 037 Grandma’s house.


Milligan 050My brother’s footprint in the garage.


Milligan 093 The Donald Duck nightlight that we used no matter how old we were. It was just something you did at Grandma’s.

Milligan 073 And we mustn’t forget the fish that have been on the bathroom wall since they moved in in 1951. 


2 comments on “Home Is Where Your Heart Is

  1. sarah says:

    awww, sweetness

  2. Susan says:

    Love the DD night light. And those fish…oh, the fish. I adore them.

    A big ‘ol hug to you, sister.

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