And We Are Off!

It is 5:41 in the morning. Not only am I up (and ready to go!) before the sun, I am actually all packed and ready to go. Usually in true Mar fashion, I would be just be putting the last load of clothes in the dryer that we need to be dry and in our bags in 15 minutes or so.  I imagine when we get to our destination I will realize I forgot the all important underwear or something like that.

Yesterday, I was strung higher than a kite worring about getting everything done.  Hubs in his true form said “If we are paying for one bag, we may as well pay for a second”.  After that things just seemed to come together.  (He doesn’t realize we are paying $25.oo to shelp all my hair crap, for me to wear a beanie and ear muff thingies all weekend long).

Once we make our connection the good news is we are not sitting in the last row of the plane. The bad news is there are only 8 rows. That my friends is a wee bitty plane and I am a wee bit nervous about it. Hopefully by then we will have had several  a few drinks during our layover and I won’t care.

We are leaving in less than 5 mins. and are still “debating” if we should bring the laptop or not.  If we do I will try to at least add some pictures over the next few days. If not, well then I guess I will do it when we get home.

I am going to freeze my ass off!! BURR! (High today here 68 – 70, there about 15).


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