KNB, Then and Now

How we ever made it from this:


blog 001


To this :


dance 001


I will never know.


We didn’t take the traditional path and some days it was rockier than other, but it has been so worth it every step of the way.  An I love you doesn’t seem like nearly enough, but that is all we had in the beginning and that is all we need in the end.


Happy Birthday Kater Girl.


2 comments on “KNB, Then and Now

  1. sarah bean says:

    awww, so cute little, and so pretty big.
    and AWESOME hair, in both.

  2. vixensden says:

    Oh My Heck. How do these things happen? Adorable. Tell her I said happy birthday. Only tell her I said it on Sunday and you forgot to pass it on, ha ha.

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