Don’t Blink…

It seems post have been few and far between here and when I do manage to hit the publish button they are worthless anyway.

It has taken me awhile to figure out  what had me in my great big funk of late. 

Its my girl. My beautiful sweet Noodle. I just can’t seem to wrap my head, or my heart, around the fact that in less an a week she will officially be a teenager. My girl is growing up at lightening speed and it seems to have snuck up and sucker punched me right in the gut.

Her 1st birthday didn’t bother me. Nor did I cry the first of kindergarten.  Both of which seem like they just happened yesterday. If that was yesterday what will tomorrow be?

This is just so not me. I am not one to worry about the tomorrows ( I may dwell on the yesterdays but the tomorrows will all be here soon enough), but lately I just can’t think the next 5 years are going to fly by and then what?  I don’t know what we will do with ourselves. Everything we do revolves around our girl, whats going to happen when the world stops spinning and we have to stand still and face the fact that she is grown up  and *sniff sniff* doesn’t need us anymore? Its more than I care to imagine but its there and I can’t seem to push it out of my head.

I am looking forward to this weekend though.  It is going to be a non-stop whirlwind of birthday goodness. Friday night (God help me!) there is a school dance and afterwards I will be bringing home five 13 year old girls! I am sure there will be very little sleep on their parts. Saturday will be a day of entertaining said girls. They will go home Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we are going out to Noodle’s favorite pizza place (that according to her we never get to go to) with friends and hopefully they will have their daughter (its moms weekend but they are trying trade) who will then come home with us for another sleep over. Can you say crabby? 

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! is Noodle’s “family” birthday party and of course the Daytona 500 so we will be having a shin-dig for that.  Thank goodness Monday is a holiday and we can squeeze in a little extra sleep! 

Of course Tuesday is her official birthday and who would I be to let it slip by without some acknowledgement? Great grandma is flying in that day (Noodle so thinks its for HER birthday so don’t tell her differently k?) with 2 of her sisters so of course we will have to have ANOTHER cake. 

3 cakes in 4 days? I sure hope I can manage :). That will at least make me feel better for a few days, or have me on such a sugar high it won’t matter in least bit that my baby is growing up.


One comment on “Don’t Blink…

  1. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday, Noodle!!! 3 cakes in 4 days? Child’s play. Of course you can handle it. I baked 8 dozen cookies with 91 packed up and ready to go. I’m learning the art of self control. And those two bottles of water I drank today, baby, it totally paved the path for some sprinkles 🙂

    I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I lurve multi-day celebrations.

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