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  • Sunday I along with Noodle and 2 of my friends went to see Marley and Me. As I was buying our tickets the cashier asked me if we had already seen the movie. I don’t know about you but paying that kind of money to see a movie twice, in the theatre? I think not. Noodle looked at her like she had 3 heads. Yes, all of us did the big ugly cry. You know the one where you have a hard time catching your breath.


  • Monday I needed to make a quickish run to the grocery store.  It was my day off and I was wearing sweats and an old Podunk t-shirt. I walked into the store and the elderly greeter man wanted to know if it was Podunk Iowa (of course it took me a minute to figure out how he knew that was where we are from, duh!). Turns out he is from even Podunkier. My quick trip turned into an additional 20 minute walk down memory lane with Bob. Bob who as I was walking away asked me if I was a snowbird? Me thinks Bob might need new glasses. Why don’t you live in Podunk anymore you ask? Because today it is -10 (without the wind chill) there and 70 here.  Ahem.


  • I had a meeting last night that only certain people were supposed to be at. As I stood there waiting more and more people who I knew should not be there starting showing up and the steam started coming out of my ears. To make matters worse the one person who had to be at the meeting for us to even have the meeting The steam turned into flames.  The only good thing was that the “extras” had to go home and didn’t get to stir the pot as they were hoping to do.


  • I may have had some of the best Mexican food for lunch today that I have ever had. Other than this placeof course, which is by far the best food ever, but I for one can’t just jaunt down to Puerto Vallarta every time I get a craving for a taco. The only bad thing about it? The people who own it are a complete thorn in my side (see flames in above bullet). I have on more than one occasion laid down on the floor of my truck to avoid them when I saw them coming my way. I sent Bossman to pick it up today. I just may be a sell-out.
  • My grandma and her 2 sisters who ARE snowbirds are coming to visit and will be here for about 3 weeks.  Our ski trip is while they are here which really isn’t a huge deal because they will be here so long. My mom’s sisters decided they would like to come for a long weekend while Grandma was here (-10 below, can you blame them?). Guess what weekend they are coming? Of course its the weekend we will be gone. I have the best timing evah.


  • Earlier today we had 3 young Japanese tourist in the store. They are so funny. They love to joke with you and practice their English.  You can’t help but smile. I had a roommate in college who was an exchange student from Japan that carried a notebook around with her to write down American “slang” words when she heard them so she could “learn to sound like us”.  She had a heart of gold and I wonder where she ended up.
  • My BFF who really isn’t my BFF anymore,oh hell I don’t really know what to call her these days, friend is coming home this weekend.  They of course expect everyone to stop what they are doing and be at their beck and call. I am not sure how I really feel about them coming home. On one hand I can’t wait to see them but on the other not so much. I told Hubs we will not be changing any of our plans to accommodate them. We will see how tough I am when they actually show up.
  • When will I ever learn not to answer my cell phone when I don’t recognize the number? It appears never.

One comment on “Blog Fodder

  1. vixensden says:

    So this makes you a push-over, sell-out, flaming snowbird?

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