365 Days.

I can’t believe it. Today it has been a year since we were handed the keys to our house.  I am not sure what we were really feeling that day. We had moved 4 times in less than 6 months, and really had nothing of our own. Everything we owned, other than some clothes and the dogs went into storage.  We were tired of it all and had been doubting our decisions for months.  It was a huge step forward for us and it was finally here. 

As shallow as it may sound, absence does make the heart grow fonder even if it is just stuff.

It rained for 2 days straight and we had mud everywhere.

We slept on air mattresses for the first week.  I We wanted Hubs us to paint the downstairs and bathrooms before we moved any furniture in. 

We had no appliances for about 3 weeks. We used a mini fridge that held a half of gallon of milk and a couple of cans of soda.

You know what though? It felt like home right away. Maybe it was because we really hadn’t had a place to call home for the previous 6 months, but all of us, the dogs included, this just felt right.

When we moved in our house was the only one that was finished on the street. Others started moving in about 2 months later, and now there are only a few empty lots / houses on our street.  If we didn’t have the pictures to prove it, I am not sure I would really believe it to tell you the truth.

We have settled in and still pinch ourselves sometimes when we stop and think that this is really ours. Home really is where your heart is.


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