Time For Tricks and Treats.

So, what kind of candy do you pass out for Halloween?

I have yet to buy any. Not that I haven’t wanted too, but if I don’t wait until the very last minute it is gone and I just end up going out and buying more, at the very last minute.

Last year there were only a handful of houses in our neighborhood that were finished and occupied. This year there a quite a few more but I still have no idea how many trick or treaters we will have. I know there are quite a few kids that live there now but who knows how many will be out.

Noodle has requested lots and lots of Skittles. She would also like Blow Pops.  (That way she will like what is left over) This morning I decided to take my chances and stop by Hell Wally World to pick up the snacks for Noodle’s class Halloween Fall Party tomorrow and see if I could find candy while I was there.

(As a side rant, we can not call it a Halloween party. I am sure that would be right up there with worshiping the devil, especially at Most Holy Dollar.  Nor can we have any “sweets”. Not a cupcake, not a cookie, not a piece of candy, not a drop of anything but water or 100% juice. This dumb ass rule is held effective from bell to bell. I will be standing outside the classroom door handing out candy as they go home for the day. Pick your battles big wigs).

I looked (one of the downfalls to waiting until the last minute) and could not find Skittles or Blow Pops.  So I picked up the 6lbs. can of nacho cheese and 4 bags of chips I needed for tomorrow and scooted right on out the door.

I decided I would swing by Wal Greens, sure that they would have both kinds of candy. Indeed they did.  I had a small case of sticker shock when the bag of suckers was $6.99. No, it was not a super sized bag.  They stayed right where they were at.  I just couldn’t make myself spend that on a bag of candy.  (Shut up. So what if I will stop at Tar Jay on my way home and buy 3 bags at $2.00 each. Its different. Totally different). 

If we can’t find candy tonight I can always hand out left over nacho cheese. Makes you want to come to my house doesn’t it??

 Um so yeah, what kind of candy are you passing out again?

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