Good and Bad

Things that suck….

  • One of us forgot to pay the water bill last month. I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone this morning promising the water company that I did indeed pay it on line Thursday and they should have it Monday. I am sure they hear that the check is in the mail all the time.
  • Other than school uniform skirts, there has no been no laundry done at Casa de Mar for about 2 weeks. That would explain why I am wearing socks with shamrocks on them today. We will be playing catch up tomorrow.
  • I was attacked by a mosquito and have bites all over my neck and a few on my lower back. They itch like you would not believe.
  • I had a piece of cake for breakfast and it was way too sweet. Noodle was smart and turned me down when I asked her if she wanted a piece.
  • We didn’t have much money invested in the stock market but what we did have is down by about 25%.
  • Right now it is absolutely beautiful outside and I am stuck inside. At work. No fair.
  • The house across the street from us is WAY less money than we paid for ours.
  • I just checked our cell phone bill on line. We went over by 250 minutes last month.  Oops.
  • 2 people who I would never expect to “put the screws to someone” did just that. They both were pretty much caught in the act and I am shocked to say the least.
  • I have a sore throat.
  • I can’t find a set of keys that I have looked all over for. I am wondering if I threw them away.


Things that don’t ….

  • Egg Nog milk shakes are back
  • I bought my first Christmas present for this year yesterday. I love Christmas and can’t wait to decorate for it. Last year was a little crazy with moving and all and we barely put the tree up.
  • It is finally starting to cool off here (If you consider 85 cool)
  • I don’t have to cook for Thanksgiving. Woo Hoo!
  • Tonight we are having our annual Pumpkin Carving Party with homemade pizza. I can’t wait.
  • Tomorrow we get to sleep in.
  • Some friends just found out a birth mother selected them to parent her baby! Squee! More baby love.
  • We had my favorite Mexican food for lunch today.
  • Gas is $2.79 a gallon here and steadily dropping.