About As Much Fun As Waiting For Water To Boil

blog 011 Sometimes the grass is greener! Yippee we have real.live.grass. in our.very.own.yard!  This was taken Sunday afternoon, all those patchy spots have filled in nicely but because we leave before the sun comes up and get home after it sets you will have to wait for this weekend for an updated picture. Gee what did you do this weekend? Well I waited to see how Mar’s grass was growing of course! Man do I need a life.


It really is coming along nicely, the last thing to do (which should have been done before the grass but whatever) is rock. We need about 45 TONS. That is a lot of rock, which is a lot of money and as you can see those damn trees don’t seem to be the money trees that we ordered.


It has taken almost a year, but it seems as if we are almost there.


Try to contain your excitement – more pictures coming soon.