For Now, Bullets.

We made it home. It was a long trip in a very short time. There are stories to tell and pictures to share.  Until then….

  • My idea of a clean restroom and the idea of those who plaster “Clean Restrooms” all over their interstate signs, are very different.
  • My mother is a fabulous backseat (and passenger seat) driver.
  • Stupid, stupid daylight (or lack there of) savings time. We do not participate in such a silly clock ritual as the rest of y’all and we forgot to figure that into our travel time. 
  • When I told the manager of Olive Garden that I would never be back to his restaurant, I meant it.
  • They say home is where your heart is, but right now I feel like I left mine in Colorado.
  • My dad snores really loud, no matter how many pillows you throw across the hotel room at him.
  • It really is a small world, the priest who gave the homily at my uncle’s funeral was a roundabout relative. His sister married my mom’s first cousin, who’s dad was my uncle’s brother (making him my uncle but I didn’t want to confuse you :). Gotta love how Midwesterners describe how they know someone or even better where someone lives.
  • 3 days without Tivo and internet have left me way behind.
  • I still can’t stop crying.

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