Time To Call Cesar

A couple of weeks ago we noticed our neighbors had a plastic tote filled with water on the end of their driveway with a big note on the front of it.  The note said something to the effect of ” This water was in our downstairs pantry and it leaked from the upstairs bathroom. We were not home. Homebuilder says we were malicious. Homebuilder refusing to fix. We should have bought from Different Homebuilder and spent how ever much less $$”.

I guess I should say, that we have only really talked to these people a few (2 or 3 times) times  in the 8 months they have lived there.

We kinda scratched our heads and wondered what happened. Homebuilder has been pretty good about working with us when we have needed them.

Well last night Noodle and I were heading around the corner to talk to our friends and the superintendent of our housing development was driving by. (We seem to get along pretty well with him). He stopped and waved me over. He wanted to know what the deal was with our neighbors. I told him we didn’t really talk to them much. Turns out one of their dogs chewed through the toilet line (?) and caused the problems. He said the house was absolutely trashed, and the dogs have chewed drywall, doors, baseboards etc.  He went on to tell me that just the damage from the water leak was $50,000. Yes, that says FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Now, I love my dogs something fierce, but FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS?  That seems to be on top of all the other chewing that they seem to have done.  I think a $100 investment on a kennel would be a wise investment at this point.


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