stuff 007  So I am a hair care product whore. I admit it.  In my defense, the Bed Head in the pink bottles? Buy 2 get 2 free. One will last me about 4 or 5 months so it will last quite awhile, and I can not pass up a good deal.  The shampoo and conditioner was also on sale. This is what is left from when they had liters for 9.99 in July.  This should hopefully last me until it goes on sale again.


stuff 005 Thing 2. She has been so out of sorts lately and we can’t figure out why. She has always been very much a Mama’s girl but lately she wants nothing to do with me and has been following the Hubs around. I admit it is nice being able to go the bathroom without her either having to be in the bathroom with me or laying just right so she can see my feet under the door to make sure I am still really in the bathroom and didn’t sneak by her. 


stuff 006 My first flower that I grew all by myself in our backyard. It lasted long enough for me to bend down and take a picture and the dogs to come over see what I was doing, and hit the flower with their tails. Sorry flower. It looks like more will be blooming soon though. One day soon it is going to look like a real backyard and then I don’t know how we will spend our time or our money. Home Depot just may have to file bankruptcy.


stuff 004 This is Doughy. (What she calls herself). Her and I will be spending the day together tomorrow.  She loves Noodle and will spend the day asking me where she is at. Maybe we can sneak a trip to the park in before it gets too hot to go down the slides dides.


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