The Name Game

Noodle has a  “proper” first name, although 99% of the time we call her by her nickname, a version of her “proper” name.  Everyone we know also calls her by her nickname, I am not sure she would know to answer if someone in our everyday lives were to call her by her “proper” name.

Some friends, some very CLOSE friends that we see ALL the time are having a baby. They have been playing the name game for months now. They had a name that they really liked but someone they know has a sister who’s kiddo has the same name so they don’t want to use it. I know that they hardly ever see these other friends, let alon their sister, but I understand not wanting to use name someone else has.

They called last night to tell us they picked a name. Now remember, we see them ALL the time, and do things with them ALL the time.  I wish I could think of a better example but I can’t so… Say Noodle’s nickname was Annie , they would be naming their baby Ann.

To me? Its the same fricken name. You can’t name you baby a name that someones sister has but you can name her the same thing as people who you see ALL the time?

I tried to drop a few subtle and a few not so subtle hints that they are going to name their daughter pretty much the same thing we named our daughter. Of course I want them to use a name they love, and obviously I love the name as well, BUT name her something else.

I am sure you are wondering why if we see them ALL the time and are such good friends that I don’t just say something. Cause I am a chicken shit and don’t want to hurt anyones feelings.


2 comments on “The Name Game

  1. Susan says:

    I lost three names (one.two.three) before Fabul-O became a part of the family. My bro and SIL took them all. Dammit. I didn’t give in on Olivia, though. It is my middle niece’s middle name and they don’t call her that so, in my eyes totally different. Besides HER sister named HER kid the same middle name as my first niece (with me so far?) and it didn’t matter to anyone, but Olivia mattered. Give it up people. I had an elephant’s gestation it wasn’t going anywerz.

    However, I will say, when we played the name game, we had to rule out friends, old boyfriends and girlfriends and family who wasn’t a couple of times out and there was no chance of us seeing them.

    That’s just the weird in me.

    I’d be weirded out, too. But, hey, some people just aren’t as cool as we are. By the way, my next kid, we’re going to call Baby Noods? mmmmk?


  2. sarah bean says:

    Bummer. She signs her counter notes with her real name right? So she does use it. So you have a right to be p*ssed. We could all think on how you could tell them so. Hmmmm.

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