Even Elephants Forget…

So it seems yesterday was Grandparents Day.  Oops, as you can tell some of us forgot.  Of course someone is very upset with me over it.  I have no excuses, I just forgot. I don’t remember it ever being  an “occasion” or a “holiday” until just the past few years, and one small rack of cards in the store isn’t enough to trip my memory.

I personally would rather have someone do something because they wanted to, not because someone created a day to sell cards, flowers or chocolate. 

One more mark on my bad daughter list I suppose. Its ok, my brother is the favorite anyway.


2 comments on “Even Elephants Forget…

  1. Vixen says:

    the only reason I remembered was because right after they prayed for the souls of the deceased (which had me sniffling-again) they mentioned it and prayed for grandparents (which had me bawling).

    So I called my Grama. I told my kids to call their Grama, but they didn’t….little buttheads.

    My brother is the favorite too.

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